Health workers struggle to contain diarrhea outbreak in Shimla

Shimla: With 28 fresh cases of diarrhea reported today, the total number of those stricken with the water borne disease has crossed 300, even as the health official make the rounds of a house to house visit in the affected locality for preventing its spread.

A health spokesman said that of those who reported with diarrhea today, 5 were admitted at IGMC hospital and 2 at Rippon hospital.

A house to house visit was conducted in 212 houses of the affected locality, who were also sensitized to the needs of using boiled water and taking other preventions. ORS and chlorine tablets were also distributed.

Yesterday there were 51 cases of diarrhea reported of whom only two needed hospitalization.

Total number of diarrhea cases recorded since 13 July has touched 304, with one 12 year old boy having succumbed to de-hydration and was brought dead to hospital on 14th July.

On Sunday, doctors had confirmed 5 cases of Cholera who were treated at the state hospital.
Water samples collected for the region have confirmed presence of V Cholera and E Coli infection that has led to the outbreak, say health authorities.

The situation is being monitored on a daily basis, he added.

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