Lack of Big Stars dries Shimla Summer Festival craze

Shimla: Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, inaugurated the world famous Shimla Summer Festival, which is being organised here since 1960s.

Earlier the event was dominated by big names from our bollywood industry who were hired to perform at the event. But now the Summer Festival Organising Committee have decided to slash down the costs by inviting budding artists, which somehow is not able to attract more local audience. For tourist it becomes an extension of night life. Locals instead of coming to the Ridge to watch the show prefer to be at home and watch it live telecatsed on their television screens.

The event projects the rich tradition and culture of Himachal Pradesh.

Major attractions of the festival includes Star Nights, Himachali folk singers, Himachal Food Fest, Painting competitions, Dog Show, Baby show, Band Competition, The Musical/Dance Programmes, Fashion Shows, Flower Shows, display of Himachali Handicrafts etc.

Apart from local artists, budding talents from reality shows will steal the show this time. Dance group KumKum Dhar and party from Punjab, Sufi singer Dr Mamta Joshi, Sugandha Mishra of Laughter Challenge fame, Arsh Preet and Ravinder Ravi from Indian Idol, Sujata Mazumdar from Bollywood and comedians Surinder Farishta, Deepak Raja and Balwinder Vicky will regale the audience. Besides, famous local singer Puran Shiva, Geeta Bharadwaj, Surinder Kumar of SareGama fame and leading Punjabi singer Satwinder Satti will also perform at this cultural bonanza.

The 5-day long Summer Festival will continue till the 6th of the month.

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  1. says: VIVEK MOHAN.

    “World Famous”… on the Mall Road ! Contadiction.I remember actually ‘world famous’ comedian Mel Brooks opening lines in his film’ To be or not to be ‘ set in Poland during Nazi occupation…”I’m world famous in Poland !”

  2. says: Vineet Vaidya

    Summer festival…an ideal opportunity for the Govt to generate huge revenue….seems to have lost the vision of creating GAINS for the state and the govt.
    With a deluge of TV channels, its very true that most of the shows would be repetitive and create deja vu feeling…….
    Its time to recreate a new concept for Summer festival…and sell brand SHIMLA.

  3. says: VJ

    In my opinion, revenue can also be generated through local activities with better planning. I liked the idea of giving chance to folk singers, dancers and other artists. It will give some strength to Himachali Culture. IN first year, it might not be very fruitful but right mixs of folk and bollywood can create a win-win situation it trems of revenue generation and culture-promotion.

    I think singers like Mohit Chauhan can be helpful for government in their new mission.

    + VJ

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