Perseverance and Patience, Himachal’s Next Gen Has All

Two girls interacted and reshaped their life after help and guidance from YMAD,USA.

My name is Lachhi Thakur and I am from Tisa in Himachal Pradesh. I am happy and excited to work with YMAD. I am very lucky to have this opportunity. I have been learning English for the past year and I am catching on slowly. In today’s world for me to be successful it is very important to learn English. Even though I hesitate to share my ability to speak in English, I am trying very hard. If I learn English I can help my community improve their circumstances and their way of life.

I live in a very rural area with out any doctors or hospitals. I am learning how to help women deliver babies in the proper way. With these skills I can make sure that more babies actually live when they are born.

We are talking about YMAD all year long and look forward to seeing them when they come. We hope they will bring more young people from the US to continue helping our community. We look forward to the day when we can take them to our home to meet our parents and be able to speak english with them freely.

My name is Basanti Thakur. I live in a small rural area called Tissa in the village Janwas in Himachal Pradesh, India. I have attended school up standard class five and now I have just completed class 10 privately. I am 19 years old and have a mother, father, sister and and two brothers. I am the third child in the family. My family are farmers and have cows and sheep. They also farm wheat and maize (corn). We are dependent on the rain for our crops. Eighty percent of the families in my area live in one room Kachha houses. During the Winter we bring the animal inside with us.

Some day I would like to be a nurse and help the people in my community. That means I will have to complete more schooling and get in to a university nursing school. Right now I have to work as a maid to pay for my education. There are no schools where I live so I have to travel far from home and take private classes to get a my education. I have at least another two years of schooling to get through my 12th class. I really like working with the YMAD team. Even though my English is very poor the YMAD youth and translators have made me feel very welcome.

When the time comes for me to finally leave home I will need to know English to better communicate with the people I meet. Not everyone speaks Hindi. The dialect I speak is called Churrahi and the dialects change roughly every four kilometers around my home. We do not have any medical facilities near my home village so it is very important to know how to take care of the newborn infants properly. I am confident that If I had to I could deliver a new baby and not be afraid. I also am interested in teaching what I have learned to the women of my village.

Before meeting YMAD I had never imagined that some one from so far away could be interested in helping my community. I am so grateful I have been able to have this great learning experience. I hope YMAD comes again soon!

Lachhi Thakur: Joined district padma chhokharling bodh tibetian gompa association,bhanodi,and participated in the basic water course of 14 days, selected for white river rafting competition being held at state level Tatapani, in satluj river, team got two silver and one bronze medal, she completed intermediate water course, also completed her fifth class, first aid course from Zonal hospital Chamba, and now she is working as DTP operator in news paper.

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