Himachal initiates waste management

Shimla: Similar to many countries even Himachal Pradesh Government has taken an initiative to manage waste. Himachal Pradesh was the first state in India to ban the production, storage, use, sale and distribution of small polythene bags in June 2004.

Now, Himachal govt. takes another step to beautify and conserve environment by Waste Management, for which Shimla Municipal Corporation has introduced ‘Door to Door Garbage Collection Scheme’ for Shimla town. Chief Minister, launched the scheme from his official residence, Oakover on Friday.

Speaking over the occasion Dhumal said that ‘Shimla Environment, Heritage Conservation and Beautification’ (SEHB) Society had been constituted under the aegis of Municipal Corporation, Shimla to implement the scheme.
Under this campaign against a security fee of Rs. 50 every household will be provided yellow dust bins for non-biodegradable waste, i.e. plastic, metal, stone etc. and green dust bins for bio-degradable waste, i.e. raw and waste food stuff, paper etc. In addition to this every household would be paying Rs. 50 per month as garbage collection charges to authorised municipal employee who would be visiting every registered household to collect the garbage.

Waste management is the collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, and monitoring of waste materials. The term usually relates to materials produced by human activity, and is generally undertaken to reduce their effect on health, the environment or aesthetics. Waste management is also carried out to recover resources from it. Waste management can involve solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive substances, with different methods and fields of expertise for each.

Waste management practices differ for developed and developing nations, for urban and rural areas, and for residential and industrial producers.

Apart from the waste management campaign – ‘Revival of Deodar’, a special tree plantation campaign had also been launched to increase the green cover in the town in association with various local and volunteer organizations, he added.

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  1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Disha ji,

    Very nice story for waste management, come to Manali, Dharamshala, Kangra , I will show you the beautiful places spoiled by plastic waste in rivers, Coke and Pensi bottles, Packets of Uncle Chips, spread by insensitive people here and there…small fresh water streams where one wonders that whether it is a fresh water stream or sanitary drainage flow..

    Making such press releases is very easy, we make politicians hero in free fund, but where is the implementation of so called “Waste Managements” Just tell me where should i send you pictures of Plastic waste scattered everywhere in Himachal? Just try a trip towards Chintapurni Temple Area and follow it till Gagret..You will find heaps of Plastics wrappers of Bread ..(Which tourists throw away to monkeys ..as Sacred act) are scattered all over the Chintapurni – Hoshiarpur Highway , looks like if we are passing through some SOMALIA or NIGERIAN REGIONS…

    Mantri ji’s – &Tanrti Ji’s all are beautiful masks in disguise, do they have ever seen places which i am referring to? If not then tell me where i should send you pictures if you promise me to publish on this web site. Then ask Mantri ji and Tantri Ji…ki what is this?

    All these politicians just come with cosmetic draperies on superficial levels and we make them superstars with hollow news leading nowhere.

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