Himachal Farmers Threaten To Kill Wild Animals To Protect Crops

Shimla: Farmers, whose crops are under perpetual threat from marauding animals especially antelopes (blue bulls or Neel Gai) in Beet area of Una district, protest demonstrated today, demanding sending out sharp shooter teams to contain the animals’ population in the region.

Under the banner of Himachal Kisan Sabha (HKS), led by President Kuldeep Singh Tanwar, the protesting farmers also submitted a memorandum for the chief minister through the district magistrate seeking state intervention to contain the menace.

The protesters have sought government permission to kill wild boars and blue bulls as well as are for inclusion of overnight watch duty’s for protecting farm lands form wild animals under NREGA, the rural employment guarantee central government program.

Should the government not act, the Sabha has threatened to identify a team of shooters and kill the blue bills to save cropping lands.

“We have decided to hold a meeting for shooters on 11th April at Dulehar and voluntarily proceed to kill animals who have rendered productive land fallow in the region,” said Tikender Panwar, secretary HKS.

Ravinder Joshi and Vijay Sharma, member of the Sabha claimed that because of the wild animal menace cropping pattern in over 18 panchayts of the region had shifted from high value crops like sugarcane, black gram, Bengal gram, kidney beans, chick peas, horse gram and green gram to just growing fodder crops like taramira.

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  1. says: Kamal

    Killing wild animals is certainly not a wise option!! We will be no less than those blue bulls in that case!

    They should better pay some people to guard the fields at night. Even if the government does not come to a rescue, villagers ought to use their own head!!

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