Congressman Sukku declares assets, asks Himachal Vidhan Sabha to put it on website

Shimla: Seeking transparency in public life, congress lawmaker Sukhvinder Singh Sukku today disclosed his asset and liabilities before the media and asked Himachal Vidhan Sabha to create a provision on its official website where all members sources of income could be put out.

After declaring his current asset and liability status today, Sukku said it was important to uphold transparency and morality in public life and MLA’s declaring their sources of income needed to be made mandatory.

He said that he had submitted his statement of asset and liability to the Vidhan Sabha secretariat but the legislative body did not have a provision for putting out this information on its official website. To overcome the delay being caused by the Vidhan Sabha, he said that he had chosen to go public over it by disclosing it before the media. He also asked other MLA’s to follow suit.

The two term lawmaker was open to bringing in a private members bill to make in enforceable by law after legislating one that would make it mandatory for all MLA’s to publically display their current sources of income and liability on the official Vidhan Sabha website.

“The issue had been raised by me when I was a student leader itself and the issue had attracted a privilege motion by the then Vidhan Sabha,” said Sukku. Now that I’m a member of the assembly, I still stand for transparency in public life and have taken the lead in voluntarily disclosing my assets,” he added.

He also said that he would ask Kaul Singh Thakur, state congress president, to put out his asset disclosure statement on the party’s website also.

Assets declared by Sukhvinder Singh include sources of income Rs 10,000 per annum as commission from LIC, Rs 8 lakh as rental income per annum and per year Rs 4.50 lakh as salary from Vidhan Sabha.

Assets owned are a Rs 70 lakh worth building at Knowlswood in Chotta Shimla, a Rs 15 lakh flat at Strawberry Hill in Chotta Shimla, a Rs 20 lakh worth housing board flat at Mandhala in Baddi, Rs 30 lakh worth of ancestral and personal land at Nadaun, two vehicles which include an Alto car and Scorpio SUV worth Rs 10 lakhs and holds shares and fixed deposits worth Rs 12 lakh as part of overall worth.

Among his liabilities, the MLA put out a Rs 19 lakh loan from PNB Shimla, another Rs 8 lakh loan from UCO Bank of the Vidhan Sabha branch, Rs 4 lakh loan from Kangra cooperative Bank, Dhaneta another Rs 2.20 lakh laon from SBI Shimla and an unsecured loan of Rs 29 lakhs from his older brother.

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  1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    good, at least other netagans too will follow and come out with their declarations worth bank accounts..hmm..not yet by HP leaders..

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