Living for a dream

I had a dream that I am this tiny drop of water falling on the leaf of a tree and dissolving in the earth

I had a dream that I am this land that can support life and still be firm and still.

I had a dream that I am this river finding its way to get merged with the endless ocean

I had a dream that I am this water which is one in many forms

I had a dream that I am this air that is calm and cool but can take everything with it when furious

I had a dream that I am this blue sky covering everything with its hand

I had a dream that I am this mitti in which everything will dissolve one day

I had a dream that I am this fire that can burn anything and everything but still so beautiful from distance

I had a dream that I am this body which has the possibility of going beyond it and merging with the one.

Which one of the above dreams of mine are my reality, can I know from you oh my god. Help me know my dream please…….

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  1. says: Munish Thakur

    wow ! your dreams are truth
    The truth not the prevalent truth

    from sky to clay to water to fire to earth to body
    is a truth in manipulation

    from soul to birth from death to consciousness
    is a truth in derivation

    if you could just realise yours last eternal truth
    there would be nothing but the truth…

    purnam adah, purnam idam purnat purnam udachyate
    purnasya purnam adaya purnam evavasisyate……….

    Ask and it shall be given unto you, / Seek and ye shall find. / Knock and the door shall be opened onto you……

    may you now know what to do…………..

  2. says: kotgarh

    If I could fly, I would reach you.
    If I could die, I would reach you.
    If you smile, I would fly.
    If you cry, I would die.

  3. says: Shivani Iksha

    search is on….the payas is there…he has given this to me and i am sure he will show me the path too…standing with open arms…thanks

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