CII In Himachal seeks budgetary thrust for Infrastructure and Skill Development

Shimla: Faced with human resource crunch to meet the government policy of recruiting 70 percent state residents in industry, Chamber of India Industry (CII) has sought impetus to skill development and infrastructure in its 2010-11 pre-budget memo presented today.

Anil Sehgal, chairman Himachal CII chapter stated after presenting the memo that industry expected the Himachal budget to impart impetus to growth through a reforms based agenda.

Special focus should be on infrastructure development, which is hampering the growth of industry in the State. Of immediate concern is the need to prepare a concrete action plan to bridge the skill gap prevalent in Himachali youth, he said.

On the issue of Infrastructure development, special attention is required in terms to improve and extend Road, Rail and Air connectivity in order to attract more investments, reduce the transportation cost and facilitate inter-state trade, he commented.
For tourism, the chamber recommended that there needed to be a quantum leap in budgetary allocation in the sector to develop adequate infrastructure keeping in mind the huge inflow of foreign tourists.

Destination development, automated parking lots, and preparation of a long term vision for tourism department were some of the recommendations put forth. To have a more lasting road infrastructure, the government has been asked to consider a provision of having concrete roads that can withstand weather variations and have a life of 40-50 years.

CII has also sought state permission for renting out surplus built up spaces in the industrial buildings built after obtaining permission under section 118 in order to attract fresh investments.

The chamber has also sought abolition of rent sharing policy and to reduce the processing charges for it.

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