Another CD rocks Himachal

Shimla: Circulation of an audio compact disc (CD) by unknown sources among select media and others has caused the flutter in political circles here as the disc is said to contain voices of chief minister asking vigilance bureau chief to tap phones of his opponents.

The voices heard bear semblance to that of Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and DS Manhas, DGP vigilance and the conversation is said to be about tapping the phones of Virbhadra Singh, Union Minister of Steel and his wife Pratibha Singh.

Manhas, when contacted said, “there are rumours of a CD doing the rounds but since I have not seen or heard anything on such a disc, I’m not in a position to comment upon it.”

Dhumal who is out of the state over phone told reporters, “even I have heard about it but as I’m not in the state at the moment and have not seen or heard the CD, I reserve my comments.”

Separately, a video CD showing Virender Kashyap, a BJP MP talking to someone who is seeking permission for setting up an educational institution, is seen. The footage is shown to have been recorded on April 17, 2009, when Kashyap was not elected to parliament. The CD also shows Kashyap being offered cash, which he is seen accepting hesitatingly.

Efforts to contact Kashyap on his local mobile as well as the parliamentary mobile number drew a blank, despite repeated attempts.

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  1. says: bharat

    It’s another politcal gimmick we are so used to in HP. But if the cds can be true for the congress… there isnt any denying that this could have deeper roots too.

    1. says: Sonu

      Himachal is the only state in India where CDs are very frequently used to expose political opponents. Prof. Dhumal is a leader with clean image and Congress is doing this just to dilute the case against Union Minister Virbhadra Singh and his wife. This fabricated CD pack and Kaul Singh’s immediate memorandum for dismissal of state government to Hon’ble Governer shows how Congressmen feal when they have to stay out of power. Dhumal government is doing excellent job in hill state and Congress is unsuccessfully malligning the image of government.

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