Himachal University To Install Supercomputer Cluster For Multi-computing Facilities

Shimla: Physics department of Himachal Pradesh University has received a research grant of Rs 2.5 crore from central governments Department of Science and Technology under the ‘Fund for Improvement of Science and Technology Infrastructure in the Universities and Institutions” (FIST), Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sunil Kumar Gupta disclosed here today.

The research grant would be used for installing a cluster of supercomputer for multi-computing facilities which is at this stage is very rare in the Indian Universities system and a vibrating sample magnetometer for investigating the properties of centrally condensation system and materials, he said.

Physics department of the university had made a presentation of the proposal before a high powered committee of FIST only in August 2009. With these funds the physics department intends to set research facilities for experimental material science and theoretical physics groups working in the university.

The facilities would be utilized to carry out front line research in thrust areas at the forefront of scientific activities in theoretical physics and experimental material science, he said.

It would also help to develop experimental expertise and specific technologies for synthesis and characterization of magnetic nano-particles and multi-ferrioic systems.

In the theoretical physics the research work would focus on nuclear science and technology, where the structure of hyper-nuclei, exotic nuclei, various of phases of nuclear dense matter at high densities, neutron stars and pulsar would be explored.

In light of future experimental data it is planned to constrain neutrino parameters and fermion mass matrices. In experimental and theoretical material science mainly the department is focusing on the nanotechnology related materials.

The vice-chancellor said that with this grant-in-aid, research activities at the university would get a boost and prove a boon to the faculty and research scholars.

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