Priyanka, Sonia take break to inspect Shimla cottage

Shimla: Now that the hill cottage that Priyanka Vadra, daughter of congress president Sonia Gandhi getting built here at Charabra is taking shape, the mother and daughter after inspecting the architectural nuances of the structure coming up on Tuesday, quietly left back for Delhi today.

Finding time out from her hectic schedule, Sonia took time out with Priyanka and headed for the Kufri hills to inspect the quality of construction as well as the architectural design settled upon.

Bearing a hill cottage design that blends with the landscape, the architect overseeing the construction was present during the about three hour stay at the site where details about materials to be used and minor design alterations were discussed, sources said.

Other than local deodar wood, stone masonry being used is also using local craftsmanship and material.

Arriving by a helicopter that landed at nearby Kalayani helipad, which is part of the presidential estate ‘The Retreat’ the two headed for old favorite haunt ‘Hotel Wildflower Hall’ before inspecting the cottage construction.

After the overnight stay at the luxury hotel, the two left back for Delhi today. The cottage is expected to be completed by December.

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