Himachal Pradesh – A photographic paradise..

Himachal is the golden vault when it comes to exploring photographic treasures in india or even around the world. The mesmerizing landscapes,the ever pleasant weather and a world of green and and blue around us is the very epitome of a photographers delight. I have a passion for photography and i try to absorb all that is there to be. But in all honesty some places can never be captured but only recreated with lesser aura and feel.

“Until you feel you need to open your eyes,
you aren’t really feeling anything”

I’m an amateur at this with a simple digital camera in my arsenal. But that has not restricted me from venturing to places and capturing them in frames that appeal to me.Technically limiting they may be but that does not stop me from embracing the natural vibes every now and then to cultivate a sense of expecting more good things from life.

“Life is for good
Don’t make it last,make it worthwhile”

I could not emphasize further the price of what our state possesses. It is beyond treasures and beyond anything any currency could ever buy.

“You stand where others stand beside
But you picture yourself where silence resides”

I have tried compiling the best of my pics in random order from around Himachal in a small video. Places that i have had the privilege to visit and places that still call me back. I haven’t stopped and i don’t plan to until i have recreated Himachal through the lens of my camera and probably found the right words to describe my experiences. Enjoy…


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