Himachal Pradesh University amends Wilson grading for recruiting lecturers

DSC_0143Shimla: Executive council of Himachal Pradesh University approved changes to Wilson Formula for selecting new lecturers by doing away any marks for teaching experience, reducing weightage for research publication of papers and spreading scholastic attainment by incorporating merits attained in graduate and plus two level.

Briefing about the decisions taken at the executive council meet held today, Vice-chancellor Sunil Kumar Gupta said, “slight changes in the Wilson Formula for recruitments had been approved by the executive council today.”

The 10 marks awarded for scholastic attainment for teaching under the formula have been done away with for selecting lecturers and the 15 marks awarded for publication of research paper have been reduced to 5 marks, said the vice-chancellor.

Instead 5 marks have been allocated for Plus 2 result, 10 marks for BA and 35 marks for MA results. Over marks for scholastic achievements remains at 80 marks and 20 for interview, he said.

No changes in the formula have been made for selection of readers and professors, he added.

Former vice-chancellor Anil Wilson had laid out the marks grading criteria for selecting academic staff, which was endorsed by the Himachal High Court.

DSC_0144Other decisions included approving a hike in pay scales for university staff. The staff with government scale has already come under the ambit of a government notification and for the others UGC scales in principal have been approved.

Another decision taken was for issuing of a show cause notice to private B Ed colleges that had failed to comply with necessary infrastructure, administrative or academic requirements for operating the institutes.

The notice asks why affiliation of such institutes should not be withdrawn for failing to comply with university requirements, said Gupta. Besides, a provision of imposing Rs 50,000 fine was approved by the council on these institutes was approved.

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  1. says: Rivesh

    This is a wonderful example how politics can destroy the institutes of higher education and research. The government has a clear cut objective to appoint a faithful person at top and do whatever it wants through the weak and dependent creature to benefit the cadre.

    Anil Wilson had done a marvellous work in his short span of time as VC to improve the quality of faculty. But the team of mediocre took no time to revert the vision of a widely recognized intellectual. State university has kept the faculty busy in politics and made them aspire for top posts filled on the basis of loyalty only.

    Except a few exceptions, most people have no published work in reputed national/international academic journals. Even they claim small write ups in magazines and bulletins as their published articles, when preparing any report for NAAC and UGC.

    Himachal Pradesh University Shimla is perhaps the only example in India where no profile of the faculty members is available on its website. This problem arises only when you have done nothing scientific and original except the politics. Great Brains……sustained from public coffers!

  2. I am Associate Professor in GGS Medical College,Faridkot for the last >15 yrs. I completed my MBBS MD(Biochemistry) in 1991.After that I have devoted my youth for the sake of teaching my Subject.I am very much frustrated by the inclusion of non–medicos in faculty at the cost of medicos.If everything is just walking then close the MD (Biochemistry).At least one ‘ll not waste time for unnecessary struggle.

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