Himachal Colleges, University Gear Up For Students Elections

Shimla: College campuses are abuzz with electioneering as student outfits have announced their panels for the elections that are scheduled to be held on Friday (21st August).

With there being a history of violence attached to students elections; police have tightened security around colleges and the university campus.

District police chief RM Sharma said that no untoward incident had been reported from any institution in the district and electioneering was being conducted peacefully.

As a precaution, he said, patrolling had been intensified, about 50 extra police personnel had been deployed on Himachal Pradesh University (HPU) Campus and a posse of police personnel had been deployed in and around the college campuses in the city.

Meanwhile with National Students Union of India (NSUI) today declaring its panel for HPU Students Central Association (SCA), lines stand drawn for a keen contest with a panel each declared by Students Federation of India (SFI) and Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

For president: ABVP has put up a law student Surinder Kumar, SFI has fielded Gaurav Thakur, a MCA student, and NSUI has pitched in with Virender Mokta, from the sociology department.

For vice-president: AVBP has set up Kranti Swaroop, a MBA student, SFI has Vineta Thakur, a economics student and NSUI has got Girja, a law student in the fray.

For general secretary the contest is between: ABVP’s Nitu Negi, a M Phil student in economics, SFI’s Kusum, a Sanskrit scholar, and NSUI’s Ranjit Thakur, a law student.

For joint secretary election there are: ABVP’s Praveen Ranta, a yoga student, SFI’s Pappu Bardhan, a law student and NSUI’s Lalit Sharma, a mass communication student.

Election to the students body at Government College of Excellence, Sanjauli has ABVP’s Satish Sharma for president. He faces SFI’s Sumit Thakur ‘Happy’ and NSUI’s Rakesh Sharma.

For vice president ABVP has put in Manoj Negi, SFI has Rakesh Nakta and NSUI has fielded Ravinder Shaakiya.

For general secretary those in the fray are, ABVP’s Ravikant Suryavanshi, SFI’s Ishaan Aukta and NSUI’s Reena Nalwa.

For joint-secretary the candidates are ABVP’s Malvika Mehta, SFI’s Saveena Negi and NSUI’s Lakshay Sharma.

Issues pre-dominating the elections relate to increasing hostel facilities, parking spaces in colleges, opening up gyms and starting more sporting activities in the institutions, better transport facilities, and improving the academic environment.

The elections are being held in consonance with the Lyngdoh recommendations.

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