Harrased Husbands Seeking Freedom To Hold Shimla Convention On 15th August

Shimla: No, not to celebrate the nations Independence Day, but harassed husband’s from down south are to hold a Shimla Convention on 15th August and devise a strategy for having a separate men’s welfare ministry on the lines of the women and child welfare ministry so as to save them from their overbearing better halves.

To prove that harassment of husbands was widely prevalent in the country Anil Kumar, president of Bangalore based Save India Family Foundation (SIFF) cited reports of suicide rates of men across India.

“Around 1.2 lakh harassed husbands in India have committed suicide in last four years,” Anil Kumar told the IANS correspondent in Bangalore.

On Independence Day, we will raise the issue of freedom and dignity of harassed husbands. More than 100 men, representatives of 30,000 other harassed husbands from across the country, will converge for a day-long meeting to come up with strategies to take on their wives,” the IANS report quotes the SIFF president.

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  1. says: RAJESH

    This is a real fight to get equal rights for men which women enjoy. In our independent country our men are tortured in their own homes.So men’s welfare ministry is a must. But men should also treat their counterparts with dignity.

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