Anti-ragging bill introduced in Himachal Pradesh

rag1Shimla: Giving a relief to freshers in educational institutes, Himachal Pradesh government has introduced an anti-ragging bill, containing stringent provisions like jail term and fine extending up to Rs 50,000.

Education minister ID Dhiman introduced the Himachal Pradesh Educational Institutions (Prohibition of Ragging) Bill, 2009 in the state assembly today.Discussion on the bill is yet to take place before the house approves it.

Earlier in the session, the minister had informed the house about the government having promuglated and ordinance after death of Aman Kacharoo, allegedly by ragging had taken place in RP Tanda Medical, Kangra.

Under this bill any ragging offence will be cognizable and non-bailable moreover, student will be expelled from the institute and will not be admitted in any other educational institute for a period of three years from the date of order of such an expulsion.

The death of medical student Aman Satya Kachroo in March awakened whole India with an alarm to take strict action against ragging before its too late.

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  1. says: Rajneesh Sharma


    Greetings ! I often come and* read articles on this web site and this ragging issue is well informed by media. But the reality is that all such raggers or gonda activists are indirectly supported by political organisations in colleges and institutions.

    The political crocodiles.. be the student leaders or their mai baaps who remain unseen behind the actual brutality have implication for being credulous, nasty and insensitive for most of the gruesome incidents. How come such incidents have ever happend if there were exemplery piunishments to offenders of law. Do you think that these politicians really had ever this intention ever to curtail this goonda menace being carried over for last many decades?

    These insensitive politicians can kill innocent kids for sake of their rallies by blocking traffics and dharnas (I am sure you remember that episode when a small child from remote region of Himachal Died as he was not provided medical care being stucked up in traffic while these scoundrels were having a dharna in front of Vidhan Sabha)..and we expect these to bring paradise for us by just making fake gestures and empty rules and regulations that never give timely justice and comfort to anyone.

  2. says: krr

    greetings!!!!! completely agree with Rajneesh Sharma. students have become fearless as far as these imprisonments & fines are considered. why the hell are they becoming so cruel & where from are they getting enough gutts????are they being backuped by strong forces or have they made up their minds that these rules are meant to be broken???

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