Woman raped, one detained for questioning

Shimla: A married woman, who boarded a vehicle from New Shimla local bus station, was raped by the driver and another occupant after being driven out on the Shimla-Bilaspur road and forcibly dragged into a forested area in Shalaghat.

The woman was dropped off the by vehicle occupants at Gagas, where she sought police assistance and asked a patrolling policeman to take down the number of the fleeing vehicle, said a police spokesman.

“The police got a medical examination conducted, which has confirmed rape, said AK Dhiman,” ASP Shimla.

“The police have detained the owner of the vehicle, whose number the woman gave to the police but when produced before her, the aggrieved lady says neither the person detained nor the vehicle rounded up is that one that picked her up,” said Dhiman.

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