An Open letter to Himachal Pollution Control Board Chairperson

The Chairperson

Pollution Control Board, Himachal Pradesh


Dear Ma’am,

I would like to bring to your notice and that of the public that large scale violation of norms with respect to pollution and environment by the Jay Pee Associates Group, which is executing the 1000 MW Karcham Wangtoo hydel project in the tribal district of Kinnaur.

The construction activity has severely affected the livelihood of the people in the adjoining villages which include Kilba , Runang, Urni, Yula, Meeru, Chagaon, Tapri, Sapni and Kanai. Because of indiscriminate blasting and unchecked air pollution there has been a substantial loss to the people.

The period in which pollination takes place for the maturation of the apple crop has been marked with heavy air pollution because of which pollination of the crop could not take place in the aforesaid villages and further formation of fruit has been abruptly ended.All this has happened because of the construction activity by the JP Associates.

To substantiate my view I am attaching two files that contains videos of the quantum of air pollution being generated around the project site .

Further I would like to allege and indict the company for converting the Satluj basin into a dumping ground for the muck that is extracted out of the Head race tunnel construction .

Even with a non professional vision like mine ,one can witness the gross irregularities being committed there.

Many of the retaining walls just touch the river flow which is absolutely against the norms and these walls are constructed with an angle of nearly 900, once again against the established lawful provisions.

At many places right from Wangtoo to Karcham these retaining walls have caved into the Satluj River posing a serious threat.

I hope that your office would intervene into the matter and will provide some relief to the people by at least monitoring the work of the company and fixing the responsibility for the unlawful act .

Tikender Singh Panwar

Member State Secretariat




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