Kaul Singh not to resign over party’s poor performance

Shimla: Finding fault with the party election campaign, Thakur Kaul Singh, state congress president ruled out his resignation as state chief over the party’s bad performance in the just concluded elections but was hopeful that Himachal would find representation in new cabinet.

Choosing a cabinet was purely the prerogative of the Prime Minister, he said, but the state unit is of the view that Himachal should be given representation in it.

With BJP having retained the Hamirpur seat and won Kangra and Shimla from congress, Kaul Singh cried foul, “There is no need for BJP to celebrate as the ruling party made gross misuse of official machinery, used money power and threatened employees with transfers to secure its electoral victory.”

Denying that he had ever mentioned about resigning during the campaign should the party fare badly in the elections, Kaul Singh said, “We could have performed better but gaps remained in the campaign as we were unable to cash the achievements of the UPA government and what was devolved for the state.

BJP unleashed false propaganda, he said, on the onside they alleged that the state was being discriminated against and on the other credit was claimed for various central projects sanctioned for the state.

The party would deliberate as to why there was such a shift in votes, especially in traditional base of Sirmaur district.

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