Kinnaur village in Himachal fire loss put at Rs 3 crore

Shimla: Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, expressed grief over a fire incident at Brua village in Kinnaur district, which reduced more than thirty seven houses to ashes on Saturday.

The chief minister directed the local administration to provide all possible help to the fire victims, many of whom had been rendered homeless on priority.

Priyanka Basu ,district magistrate put the loss due to the inferno at about Rs 3 crore. She said that a sum of rupees 16 lakh had been distributed to the fire victims as an immediate relief besides providing them with other day-to-day essential commodities.

Legislator Tejwant Negi, MP Pratibha Singh, chairperson zila parishad, Chandermani Negi, and others the spot and expressed sorrow over the incident.

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  1. says: ravi kant negi

    it is very sad news to hear. as this village is not connected to road as well in past time efforts were made to connect it LMV road. due to the sliding region this area is disconnected from main highway since last 25 years. as i remember the days way back in my childhood,when i go along with my grandfather for a drive in the evening from karcham where my father is deputed in the animal husbandry department.. few years later than that the road was vanished due to land sliding, since than no measures were taken re-established it neither the local authorities nor the govt. villages of kinnaur needs great attention in terms of fire,because they are very densely populated homes with wooden materials. hoping that government would learn something from such incidents and take a preventive measures to avoid such incidents, however the loss could not be recover…

  2. says: Puran Bhardwaj

    Oh; I am very upset by this fire issue in Himachal. Every year we are loosing the wealth of old wooden carved houses and villages.
    Govt. have to put a plan to stop the fire happening or educate locals as well have hard punishment for the cause of fire. So people really care and have fear of punishment.
    People need to be extra careful. Otherwise all wooden old archetecture and Structure is going to be lost and Cement houses will take place of that ancient wealth. As well as it will cause lots of problem in the cold high altitute villages as houses made of cement are cost and not suitable for the Highlands.
    I really hope that Himcahal will put some special fire services in every Panchayat at list a fire Engine with pump and pipes, ladder and fire protection celender etc. It is very important, they should train some local people in the Village, who work always around the village, they can be builders or Mistri etc. When ever there is any fire, they should get some kind of Reward as well as per hour income for that extra work and they should be able to leave from there own job there and then for the cause of fire, they should have access or extra keys etc for the equipment s and a Icard always with them.
    This can work and may be a phone as well as a speical Insurance policy. There should be a common number to contact in Himachal and it should be known by every one in Himachal.
    Numbers for Fire/ Police/health line should be once set for all and every once should know, who to contact.
    One more thing Army/Police and Helicopter services should be all connected through theses numbers so any help with in minutes should be there if needed.
    Thats how Himachal or India can improve and be safe. It can be also for any other accidents etc. I hope this message gets to these political leaders or to IAS and HAS officers.
    I request media to correct this message and send it to them,
    best wishes for my mother land

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