Himachal BJP in nexus with cement companies to fund elections – Congress

Shimla: Pointing fingers at the BJP government the congress on Tuesday held that shortages of cement being felt in the state were because of  the ruling party’s nexus with cement companies that stood exposed as one big cement company was the sponsoring the 20-20 HP cricket tournament.
Congress spokesman Kuldeep Rathore said “Himachal is a large producer of cement and the BJP government had failed to ensure its availability at a time when elections are going on. Under such conditions even, one cement company has the audacity to be the major sponsor for a cricket tournament being organised by an association that is headed by Anurag Thakur, who is son of the chief minister.”
“Clearly BJP has a nexus with cement companies to fund the elections,” said the congress spokesman. About sudden rise in sugar prices, he claimed the state government was responsible as price of the essential commodity was much lower in other parts of the country.
Rathore who was speaking to the media said “to draw political dividends, BJP on the one hand was alleging discrimination against opposition ruled Himachal but on the other hand was using every opportunity to mark their achievements in terms of having obtained maximum number of centrally funded projects in 14 months for the state.”
He rubbished Shanta Kumar statement terming congress as a pro-rich party. “Having run a government for five years, NDA in 2004 sought another mandate with a ‘Shinning India’ campaign. Truly India was shining for some and NDA allies and BJP were with them, he said.
The congress laid claim to moving the Bhanupali-Bilaspur rail line project just as the party said that the IIT, central university, Rs 4000 crore road project being funded by Asian Development Bank, National Institute of Fashion Design, ESI medical college and hospital were all provided for by prime minister Manmohan Singh’s UPA government.
Terming the Supreme Court decision to ask for investigating the role of Gujarat chief minister Narinder Modi in the post Godhra riots as unprecedented, the congress spokesman said that the controversial chief minister should step aside and resign so that an impartial investigation could be conducted in the case.
Party national leaders would kick off electioneering by president Sonia Gandhi holding a state rally in the capital on May 2, said Rathore. This will be followed by other rallies in other constituencies, he added.

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  1. says: kamal

    Politicians exhibit lowest levels of ethics, common sense and aptitude.

    How long will they keep on blaming each other? And we should ask our self – ‘How can they always be like this ?? 🙂 I mean no change at all!!!


    A : I did this.

    B. No. Our daddy at center did this.

    A. You scrounged money from so and so industry.

    B. Did you forget about your ministers who swallowed all the funds for children of the state?

    …… so on.. till a point where we RISE !! We rise and slap them on face to make some rational comments. Allegations which are supported by proofs, laws that make sense and above all a behaviour that we teach everyday to our children.!!

    PS I have no affinity for any political party. They are of the same breed.

    @Ravinder – we can stop wasting myHimachal bytes to publish their useless chit chat ( only if you agree with me 🙂 )

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