‘Aman Movement’ to eradicate ragging

Sinead Kachroo

It was not just another ragging case involving innocent and exuberance youth but a complete shatter of dreams and aspirations that Aman Kachroo’s family might had expected from him. Died at the age of 19 years, Aman was perhaps example of how our system neglects serious things and tries to help in making the social evils, though in silent manner, as routine at whatever cost one has to pay for it.

No doubt, it is a devastating tragedy for Kachroo family, which will never overcome from it but the strong face put up by family against ragging menace is something that show the strength and character of family that now stands united to remove this evil from root.

Aman Kachroo ( standing left ), Sinead Kachroo (sitting right) with their two cousins during happier time.

Aman’s elder sister, Sinead Kachroo (21) who is pursuing Computer Information Systems in Texas (USA), with the family support has started ‘Aman Movement’ to educate the masses about the menace of ragging. The aim of movement is to eradicate ragging completely with the motto ‘Zero Tolerance’. Sinead was interviewed by this reporter through e-mail recently. The following are the interview excerpts.

JYG: How you and your family have taken this tragedy?

Sinead Kachroo:It was quite a shock. It is sad that something perceived by everyone as fun has turned into such a menace. The tragedy has taken quite a toll on us,but we have decided not to allow this to happen again. I am certain that the Movement we initiated will help save other Amans from such a consequence.

JYG: What u have to say on all this?

Sinead Kachroo: I want students to realise that Ragging is now illegal. They have no say anymore. Many believe that the initiation process is a tradition that should not be broken or that it is a process all must go through to become tough and able to face the real world. Students, teachers and parents must understand that encouragement of this kind is ridiculous and more importantly the issue is not debatable – It is simply illegal.

It makes no sense to debate. Ragging is just as illegal as assault and murder unless of course the integrity of those laws are being argued as well.Also students should realize that ragging is not cool. Freshers should not succumb to ragging. They should know their rights. If a student feels threatened he /she should report it immediately and NOT take it lightly. Rape Defence 101-Do not let your attacker intimidate you! Same applies to freshers.

JYG: Was your family aware of the ragging menace going in Tanda Medical College?

Sinead Kachroo: My brother had mentioned that he was being ragged a few times.We never understood the depth if it.  He did not tell us that he was being beaten, it think it was because he was scared to do so.We would have taken action and he knew it. I guess he figured that he couldn’t afford to get into any kind of trouble with his seniors. I can imagine him being stuck in the position that he was in. After all, the head surgeons son was the ‘Ring leader’ of the mob that beat him. The accused had been reprimanded multiple times before on similar cases of ragging. I can imagine, he calculated that a complaint would land him in more trouble with his seniors than he already was in. The poor boy was only 19,He didn’t deserve to be in a position to make such decisions for himself.

JYG: What you have to say on the failure of management of Tanda Medical College to check ragging?

Sinead Kachroo: The authorities were indifferent to student complaints, I say this because there is hard evidence to back my claims,this evidence is with the police. Also,the four assailants had turned up drunk that night and according to Aman’s friends they drank every night. This questions the vigilance of the authorities. How is it that students turn up drunk and senseless in the college campus and there is no one to take action against them?

His friends also mentioned that the warden lived far away and hardly ever visited the hostel.

The college has yet to speak to the family and give us a report verbal or written about what happened. So far there is no proof that the college has sensitized to the issue

The college has yet to speak to the family and give us a report verbal or written about what happened.

Sinead Kachroo with her father

JYG: Do you think if your brother was treated well in College after the incident he could have been saved?

Sinead Kachroo: Absolutely. If my brother were treated properly His internal injuries would have been detected-The day succeeding to the night Aman was beaten He visited a doctor in the college hospital where He was found to have a perforated eardrum. Any Doctor should know that a patient with a perforation in the ear due to repeated blows should be kept for additional investigation. A CT scan is recommended in the least.

Aman suffered many internal injuries. The perforated ear drum was only one of them . The doctor should have picked up on the hint and investigated further. How is it that the doctor saw all of Aman’s bruises and still sent him back to the hostel? Why didn’t the doctor tell anyone that the freshers were being beaten to the extent of having damaged ear drums? If battered wives are reported then why not battered students?

Besides the Medical negligence of the doctor, there is also the case of the malfunctioning defribulator. The doctor was not present in the emergency ward. These elements could have saved his life. So yes, the answer to your question is yes. I believe that if Aman had been treated properly he would not have died.

JYG: What actually was happened?

Sinead Kachroo: Four boys came in the middle of the night.Intoxicated, they lined up all of the freshers and beat them senseless four against one, one by one. They did this in the name of ragging. It was a criminal assault.

JYG: What punishment you see for culprits?

Sinead Kachroo: I hope they are given proper psychiatric care before they are sent to prison. They derive pleasure from hurting others. This is a very abnormal trait and they need a good doctor to cure this perversion.

JYG: Do you think by giving punishment to culprits the problem will be checked?

Sinead Kachroo: The punishment should definitely set an example but the problem will only be checked by mass social reform. The whole society must be sensitized. The Aman Movement is working towards the same.

JYG: What you expect for Tanda College management and state government?

Sinead Kachroo: I would appreciate at least a letter from the school. As yet, not one representative of the college has come to see us or talk to us about the matter. As far as the state government is concerned-Accountability in these cases is an issue, it should be addressed.

JYG: Any other message you want to convey

Sinead Kachroo: Ragging is not cool and nor is it debatable. It is simply illegal. Respect the law.

(The Interview is updated on February 19, 2010. Thanks Sinead.)

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    It is quite disturbing, this episode of ragging-to-death of dear aman having sucumbed to the injuries inflicted due to the beastly behaviour of the fellow collegemates in TMC.

    For a life is gone. Family, no doubt is the most aggrieved of all the known relations in the world.
    Nothing can ever fill this vaccum at the loss of Dear Aman.

    Over the years, ragging has taken a huge shpe with some doraconians acting like beasts with their freshers. This is not warranted as to what happened with Aman.

    We understnd through this portal that a Sinead, sister of Aman has started ‘Aman Movement’ for ll the best of reasons to educate all about the menace in our education society and how to eradicate its presence from every nook and corner of the eductional institutions at any level.

    I do would like to believe that this Movement having come into existence at the loss of very dear life of Aman would certianly put all of us in the society to be, as rightly said to frame ‘Zero Tolerance’ for all those at the receving end and do our bit in uprooting the roots of ragging in its beastly form.

    All the best to Sinead and all for the strengthening of the ‘Aman Movement’.

    May I express my deepest condolences to the family at loss, for a noble soul is lost from all of us.

    With a pray for Aman’s soul may rest in peace and may the bereaved family get all the strength by the grace of the Almighty to bear such a grave loss.

    Saurabh Bhakri & Family
    New Delhi

  2. says: M Thomas Mathew

    I was really disturbed. I have been in the anti-ragging committee of my college – MCC Tambaram. Found that it is just an opportunity to be inhuman and aims at sadistic pleasure. We just got to expose and reject it. It may also be an opportunity to vent someone’s bottled up jealousies. So I regret that Mr Rajendra Kachroo failed to bring him home when he complained the first time and find an alternative unless the College made some serious and acceptable efforts to ensure that it is not repeated.

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