Young Medical student dies after ragging in Himachal


Shimla: It was the darkest Sunday ever for the family of 19-year-old Aman Satya Kachru, first-year student of Dr. Rajindra Prasad Medical College, Tanda, Kangra, who died on 8th March night, a day after he was allegedly ragged by four of his seniors.

Sources said that Aman, a Kashmiri pandit, was beaten for about two hours by his four drunk seniors named Ajay Verma, Naveen Verma, Mukul Sharma and Abhinav Verma. However, former two were arrested on Monday but latter two are on the run.

The Police have registered a case under Section 304 of the IPC and Section 3 of the Ragging Ordinance against the four senior students.

Expulsion of these four students has been announced by the authorities for two years alongwith suspension of hostel warden, manager and on duty guard.

“He was slapped many times, His head was shaved off. He was punched and kicked. He was hit on head and chest. He was forced to work on their project whole night,” Indira, Aman’s aunt, alleged to PTI.

After complaining a chest pain on Sunday afternoon, Aman was taken to emergency where he gave a written complaint with names to college authorities alleging his seniors for ragging him in the hostel.

The college authorities say that they are unaware that ragging was taking place in the hostel. The principal of the college, Dr S Sankhyan, has offered to resign on moral grounds.

Aman’s parents, from Gurgaon, have accused the college of trying to hush up the incident.

The Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal, ordered the inquiry.

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  1. says: ishita

    IT was very sad for people in Himachal due to few people hole of Dave Bhoomi has been ashamed
    I feel their are many more like Aman who are still under raging and their are many more cases of death but they are not taken up by media or collage has tried to suppress them
    I just pray to god that soul of Aman should reside in peace in haven
    and the sinners should get punishment for their doing
    i am with Aman’s family

  2. says: TOI

    The Himachal Pradesh police on Tuesday booked four senior medical students for causing the death of a first semester student on Sunday by ragging and severely beating him up in a government medical college in the hill state’s Kangra district.

    The victim, 19-year-old Aman Kachru, died Sunday – a few hours after being ragged late Saturday by four final year students of the Rajindra Prasad Medical College at Tanda town, 20 km from the district headquarter town of Kangra.

    Police officials said here that Kachru died of head and other injuries sustained after being beaten up by drunk seniors during ragging.

    Himachal Inspector General of Police (Law and Order) SR Mardi told IANS that a case of murder (Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code) had been registered against the four senior students.

    They had earlier been booked for culpable homicide (Section 304) by the police.

    “After receiving the postmortem report, the case has been converted to that of murder. Two have been arrested while two others are still absconding,” Mardi said.

    The students arrested are Ajay Verma and Naveen Verma, Deputy Superintendent of Police OP Jamwal said.

    Abhinav Verma and Mukul Sharma were absconding, he added.

    Though the victim gave a complaint to the college authorities and the police after being beaten up, both reacted to it only after he died under mysterious circumstances. The role of the local police and the hospital authorities is under the scanner for not having reacted till the victim died.

    Himachal Health Minister Rajiv Bindal said that a magisterial probe had been ordered into the incident.

    “We will take strict action against the senior students who indulged in ragging and anyone else who showed laxity in curbing ragging. If a murder case has to registered against the senior students, it will be done on the basis of the postmortem report,” Bindal told IANS earlier.

    Medical College principal S Sankhyan offered to resign from his post following the incident.

    He said that all the four senior students had been suspended from the college for two years.

    The hostel warden, Pradeep Bansal, and hostel manager, Deepak Verma, were suspended by the college authorities Monday.

    At least 13 other first semester students were ragged by their seniors in clear violation of Supreme Court guidelines which make ragging a crime and their complaint with the college authorities did not lead to any action to end their suffering.

    The Tanda medical college has been infamous in this peaceful hill state for illegal ragging and other activities by senior students. Even state government doctors fear being posted in this college.

    Kachru, whose family originally hails from Jammu and Kashmir but is now settled in Gurgaon, was a brilliant student, family members said. His father is a doctor in Tanzania.

  3. says: Amit Pundir

    This is really shamefull act, bringing a bad image to himachalis known for their helpful and peace loving nature..

    Severe punishment must be given to these shameless guys to set example.

  4. says: SPS

    Ragging in India is worse than anywhere in the world . Many brilliant students get affected by this and this is usually done by the scum of these colleges .A lot of student suffer ragging without complaining to the authorities as they have to stay in the same hostel and share the same mess and complaining would involve more ragging once the ragging seniors are freed by the autohrities .
    This can countered by technology by having hidden cameras installed in hostels and messes and police catching the seniors with proof on camera and the sentence should be at least one year imprisonment (non bailable ) even for minor ragging .This will give the fresher to reach the second year and he is no longer a fresher and has his own group to fight the scum of the colleges .

  5. says: Raman Sharma

    Oh God!! what a shame!! it’s really very sad I’m really sorry for him and his family.. I’ve no words to express myself.. may God bless his soul and family.

    I think it’s a worst and painful example of ragging.. it should be stopped…

  6. says: sameer rastogi

    this incident has reminded me of the day i joined Mining engineering in Indian school of Mines , Dhanbad way back in 1982. Ragging was a necessary evil then , not banned by any law of the land. With great fear, i joined ISM.The seniors were quite “evil” for us freshers… shaving moustache, wearing full sleeve shirts,walking in lines and wishing them .good morning sir and all. Ragging was more of quizzes and scientific and basically to prove that we were idiots. I didnt hear any physical abuse taking place with anyone. Midway I shifted to university of roorkee , for better prospects..and there the whole “ordeal” started again. But to my surprise , here also it was more of embarrassing and quizzing rather then physical abuse. I remember our Dean of Students welfare, warning us when we were nearing the end of 1st year not to indulge in ragging with the freshers the coming year. and i am sure in the more then 100years of histroy of ISM or UOR ( now IIT R) , no fresher has faced the agony as was faced by this student in MC. Hats off to the great legacy of these two institutes and the control excersied by the authorities , that the freshers have a wonderful time getting ragged and having lots of fun….I hope similar situation exists in these great institutes now also.

  7. says: Raj

    These animals must not be killed; they must be severly maimed and made to pay fot the rest of their wretched lives. If politicians, the police, or even if the parents of these cursed criminals try to rescue them, they too must be made to pay for it. If the judiciary is not doing its job, people must collect money and issue a supari with professional criminals to punish these beasts.

  8. says: David Hallua

    How come lot of folks are not seeing these important points that you raise? Thanks for bringing up all these points.

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