3 Officers charge-sheeted for publishing wrong map in Himachal

Shimla: Regretting the mistake of having published a wrong map of the country in its 2009 official diary, the Himachal government on Thursday has charge-sheeted a HAS officer and two other officers of the controller and printing department, prima facie holding them responsible for it.

Daljit Dogra, secretary general administration said, prima facie Vikas Labroo, controller of printing and stationary, Badri Dutt and Des Raj Gupta, department officers have been held responsible for the lapse.

“All three stand charge-sheeted in the matter,” he said.

Dogra said that final responsibility would depend upon the outcome of the inquiry being conducted by additional chief secretary Harinder Hira. Quantum of punishment too would depend upon the inquiry report, he added.

Speaking on the issue, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal reiterated that BJP stood for unity and integrity of the country and there was no compromise on that.

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Aksai Chin were integral part of India and there was no question of separating them form any map of the country, he said

The chief minister admitted that wrong publication of a map was a genuine mistake and the government had instituted an inquiry into the matter to hold the persons responsible for it accountable.

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  1. says: NITYIN

    This incident speaks volume of kind of man power employed in govt. offices. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know a little geography of the country. The whole episode strengthens the age old belief that all govt babus are duffers to the core.

    1. says: raj

      Yes it is true ,duffers are at top everywhere in the country,Even to guide and direct a IAS officer there is a bigger uneducated duffer who is elected by the people .When a person entere in the govt service ,he gualify the competition and tops the exam therefore taken in service.But thereafter there is no check on his performance and it gradually declines and deteriorate and create inefficiency. While in private sector same stuff perform better and also therefore better efficiency. I feel govt of HP should terminate the services of officials in the controller of printing and stationery department and hand over the control to a private contractor.(Use HIRE AND FIRE SYSTEM ) which will solve the problem

    2. says: Avnish Katoch

      You know this whole incident gives me laughs.Laughs on the IT caliber of our babus! I mean here is a government which is dependent upon officers who rely on Internet to download India’s map(CM gave this reply in the assembly today) and still unable to get the right map? I mean what a shame, learn to Google it!

      And then government says HP is IT savvy and gets numerous awards. This puts serious question mark on capabilities of officials and media hype created about the development and other positive changes in the state.

      HP government, whether, this or past is pretty good in propoganda. Pretty good because most of the media outlets depend upon them so only their right message goes out.

      But are they ready for chaos and mission critical?

      Naina Devi temple tragedy is not that old. And we all know that people even breathing were put up in trucks with dead.

      In good times every one is good but real capability is tested when times are tough. And every time HP government has failed. And not to mention my personal experience in last summer’s snow storm in Spiti valley.

      Worst part is that even when help is offered officials are all entangled in red tape.

      1. says: NITYIN

        Only time the babudom in Himachal becomes tech savvy is whenever results of 10th or 12th are placed on the Education Board website. There is a mad rush to see the results printed.

  2. says: Des Kashyap

    Well well well! this indicates the capabilities of the officers in charge and their level of knowledge. I am speechless. God bless Himachal.

  3. says: vijender katoch

    The lapse only highlights the lack of application of mind and will to the work assigned to our well cushioned job secure babus.Chargesheets come and go but ever heard a babu being dismissed for lapse ……..well i have’nt as yet.

    let responsible people be selected on 5 year contract so that mind is applied every time a job is assigned instead of mechanical signing of files by our officers…i m sorry babus is the right word.

  4. says: Sudarshan Kumar

    Yea. I agree with Vijender that even the postings of IAS and HAS and other officials should be tenure track positions. Then only they will be on the edge and will be forced to perform. Otherwise, once in a govt job, they think that everything is assured till the retirement age. And hence the competitiveness takes a back seat and lethargy takes the front seat.

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