Awaz Pahadan Di: Episode 3

awaz-pahadan-di[display_podcast]Welcome to our own podcast “Awaz Pahadan di” Episode 3. We wish you a Happy and Prosperous new year. Thank you very much for your comments for the last episode.

This episode brings to you an Interview with “Anuj Sharma” the Indian Idol sensation. Anuj has been the only Himachali to make it to the top three contestants of the singing talent hunt in India. Since then he has performed on small and large platforms not only in India but also abroad. He has performed so many times in Himachal and when asked “what attracts you to Himachal the most” his straight forward answer is Mitti ka Pyaar (Love for the soil).

In this interview you will hear about his personal life, making of a singer and his rise to fame. We have divided this interview in to two episodes. This episode besides interview with Anuj will also feature some Pahadi songs like “Pathra pathurya has shikariya “and Ye paharan da basna hai, tera mitha mitha hasna hai” Next episode will present second part of this interview with more songs from Anuj, so do not forget to subscribe to the podcast or come back for the next episode.

Editor’s note:

Its for the first time that a Himachali is being interviewed by a Himachali on Podcast. Roots in Himachal makes this interview more pleasurable.

We appreciate your feedback. So send in your comments.

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  1. says: mona

    one of my friend forward this link to me, as I am a huge fan of Anuj sharma, I always wanted to know more and more about him. I loved this program as it has given me an insight of my idol’s life. Hope to hear some more good work from you.

  2. says: luckysam

    anuj is the best…. he proved that he is the real indian idol….. success has not gone to his head……. his words n ideas show this…. his words shows his love towards himachal….. may he get lots n lots of success n fame for himself n for the beautiful state himachal………………

    1. says: aarti

      hai,since indian idol2 i am a big fan of anuj.His deep green eyes shows the depth of ocean. his voice reflect his personality a deep thinker who wants to send message of peace through his singing. Love you Anuj. May you get success in your Life.

  3. says: Avnish Katoch

    Once again D. Kashyap has surprised us all! The quality with which Interview is being conduced is exceptional. His and Dr. Urmil’s deep love for Himachal shows in their voice and zeal for the our music which is so strong part of any civilazation/soceity.

    I am so thankful, as music takes us all away from our daily life worries and is such a respite from this hectic life.

    And Anuj brought laurels for Himachal and as always his music would go long way to promote HImachal, its culture and he is such a true ambassador of HP.

    Himachal has produced some good quality bollywood personalities but how many are there to promote HP?

  4. says: aaryan

    Interview was fantastic. After this interview we can say now we get the real picture of Anuj. Hope we will again listen the voice of anuj very soon. As Avnish says anuj is true ambassador of HP, yes we all his fans are agree on this. love you anuj. Hope to see him soon………….

  5. It was truly the awaaz pahaadan di..
    Dr Des and Dr Urmil must be congratulated for this wonderful interview. Infact, many a times I wonder that Dr. Des has such a versatile personality which can fit in any field. Be it music, or research or journalism or any other field. A job done very professionally.
    Although everyone of us had heard about Anuj and listened to his songs many times. But this was the first time to listen to his interview, background and how he developed his talent in music.
    We must also congratulate Anuj’s brother who inspired anuj to persue his interests and excel in the field Anuj wanted to be.
    Thats the message given very clearly by Anuj.
    Each one of us has a special talent. We should exploit that talent instead of following a field which we do not like. Our younger generation should take a note of this and choose a career which is based on their talent instead of following the typical monkey race.
    Remember always that it is your talent which will bring you the laurels. Be it Sachin, V Anand, or Kalam. Each one of them have a talent and they followed it religiously.

  6. says: mani

    Bahut hi achha laga Anuj ka interview sunkar.yeh ek bahut achha tareeka hai jisse hum himachal ke talent ko jaan sakte hai . Anuj ke baare maien detail maien sunkar bahut impress hue hum.keep it up.jisne bhi yeh programme shuru kiya hai unka hum tahe dil se shukriya karte hain.

  7. says: aanchal

    love you anuj…………….. It’s great to hear your voice after a long time. awaz pahadan di is really doing great things. but please call anuj again after some time as we want to know many other things of him.

  8. says: Sunil

    Himachali’s are not only Good human being but are also very talented. This is proved by Anuj. A small town boy whose success tells & inspires others to work hard in the field in which they have interest. best of luck anuj

  9. says: latesh sharma

    wow ….. so nice to hear my favourite singer anuj sharma… i am a big fan of him since i have heard him and see his performance in indian idol…. thanks to awaj pahadan di…………..

  10. says: Arun Wadhwa

    My hats off to Anuj for his singing. I know Mr. Manoj Sharma, brother of Anuj and i heard once in his house a song of Anuj, it was so very well sung……. I became fan of Anuj. It is really credible that Anuj rose to such a height coming from a small town from Himachal. My very very best of luck to him……

  11. says: Rishav

    hi anuj bahut acha laga ki koi to hai jo himachal ko har taraf le ke ja ra hai chahe wo sangeet hi kiyun na ho tumhari awaz ka zadoo sirf inida main hio nahi pure vishav main fail raha hai i wish u a GOD bless.

  12. says: vijay kumar singh

    Hi ANUJ
    u really rock’s man.
    I got the glimps of your singer talent when I first heared ur singing on Manoj’s wedding night. That was superb !.
    After getting so much successes in life u didn’t changed a bit. I really appricaite your down to earth nature & your closeness with Rehan & himachal. You affection with Manoj can’t be descibed in words , its great man .
    U r still my india idol.

  13. says: priyanka

    It was fantastic to hear Anuj and know more about his personal life. Thanks to the team who made this possible. Many a times, a gem is lost and the we never hear from them. Thanks guys for bringing this gem to life again…

    About Anuj..I loved his voice at India idol..that song” uth ve dila chal dhoondhan chaloye” brings a current in my body even today. thanks to anuj’s voice! His modesty, love for the family and land, simplicity, down to earth nature is simply superb. I have had the chance to hear him performing and he simply shook the stage.
    Thanks guys and we love you Anuj. When is your Album “Khwab” coming out. I am waiting for that!!!!

  14. says: Kiran

    My hats off to Anuj for his singing, I could not meet you when u were in Newport, But I keep hearing about you when I talk to My friend (I am sure u know who it is ), you have got Very good voice, nice songs.. Having a good vocie is the Rare Gift from God, which not many get it. So keep it going !! Wish you a very bright Future. GOD Bless You, Anuj !!

  15. says: Disha Singh

    Aha… what a voice, and what a pleasure to talk Anuj. He is really a grt singer and good person. I really like a song of his “Rulle di Kulle” .. I hope I spelled it right. The story of Rana’s daughter-in-law. Very painful. If possible can I have the pleasure to hear that song in next part of the interview.

    If not possible, still no problem.

    Thankx Dr. Kashyap

  16. says: sanjeev thakur

    hi anuj

    this is sanjeev thakur i am from Palampur (HP) i am also singer & participate in • Pariticipating and showing my performance in Indian Idol 2008 and 2009 , • Pariticipating and showing my performance in Sa re ga ma 2008 and 2009 • Pariticipating and showing my performance in Amul Star Voice of India 2008 and 2009. • Pariticipating and showing my performance various kind of singing program on stage in my village. • Showing my excellent performance on some hotels in Delhi

    so plz brother if u r give chance in himachali songs so i will showing my talent
    my mobile no. 9891681735

  17. says: Govind Singh

    Interested in participating himachal talent hunt. I m a singer , pls inform
    how to participate. here is my contact no pls inform me.09915008937
    I am from Nahan
    Thanks for ur consideration.
    Govind Singh

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