Massive support of “Jago Bharat Jago Tibet Yatra”

rallyFree Tibet, Security of India, and Violence & Terrorism Free World is the message of the countrywide “Jago Bharat Jago Tibet Yatra” organized under the leadership of Free Tibet & Peace Activist – Dr. Mahesh Yadav, Founder/President of Mahatma Gandhi Tibet Freedom Movement concerned to-Global Amity Foundation.

The Yatra has started from Bhopal on a 50 day long countrywide journey commencing at Rajghat, New Delhi via 12 biggest states of India . This Yatra is a myriad of press conferences, public seminars ‘n’ debates with wider distribution of printed matters/materials. With this Yatra, various programs have been organized in different rural and urban cities like Bhopal , Mandideep, Obeidullahganj, Budhni, Hoshangabad, Itarsi etc to educate Indians about the Tibet cause and appeal from them to support it vehemently.

MGTFM Free Tibet & Peace Activists, Dr. Manmohan Kurapa and Siddharth Bhatia also are taking part in this Yatra and educating and distributing printed materials about Tibet cause. Indian public, political leaders and media all are supporting and appreciating “Jago Bharat Jago Tibet Yatra” equally.

Dr. Yadav while addressing the media, requested UNO, Government of India, leaders of USA , Britain , France , Japan , Italy , Israel , Switzerland and Australia, and all Noble Peace Laureates and Human Rights and Peace-award winners , to support the Messenger of Peace, H. H. The Dalai Lama, to save Tibet for world peace. Dr Yadav said, “if we are serious over the rights of animals, and talk about human rights, then why are we silent on the issue of Tibet?” He also said that if H.H. the Dalai Lama is defeated following the policy of truth, non-violence & world peace of Mahatma Gandhi, then every one will be compelled to follow the path of violence and terror rather than the path of non-violence and this will be very dangerous for world peace.

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    1. says: Rajneesh

      Though this is is an old post, yet i felt like commenting..

      Freedom is not possible this way, sitting in foregien lands and organizing peace protests which can’t even push a single ant out of TIBET.China has evolved into such a mighty nation that mere with peace demonstrations, it is almost impossible to attain what TIBETAN brethren seek for their homelands. It would be fine if CHINA is away from TIBET as our borders too would become much safer…but sad, its not happening.

      INDIA is finest example where Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru laid their lives in peak of their youth …Its not just that Dandi Yatras or SATYAGRAHA’s brought us freedom, if we would have banked upon DANDI Yatras only…we would have been still under BRITISH flags..The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedom..

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