Congress to prepare charge sheet against Dhumal government

Shimla: The congress today set up five member committee to go over the various acts of omission and commission of the Dhumal government one year in office and prepare a charge sheet by 31st March.

Kaul Singh Thakur congress state president termed the BJP government first year in office as ‘lackluster’, he went onto say that a complete sell out of states interests had been done.

“We will launch a Himachal Bachao Abhiyaan to expose the irregularities committed and the varied kind of mafia that have become active,” said Kaul Singh.

The congress president said that the five member charge sheet committee would be headed by former speaker, Gangu Ram Musafir and would include Asha Kumari, Raj Kishan Gaur, Sudhir Sharma and Mukesh Agnihotri as members.

“Many scams have come to light which directly affect the common mans interest,” he remarked adding, “industrialist and private players are being given preference.”

The congress committee would focus on corruption issues, anti-people anti-employee, transfer rackets, retrenchment of employees particularly PTA teachers and detoriating law and order conditions, said Kaul Singh.

Among the issues where congress found fault wit the government include, “several decisions granting relaxation in the Section 118 of the Tenancy and Land Reforms Act taken under pressure from the land mafia so that the property dealers close to the BJP leaders benefit, victimization of political opponents and implicating them in false cases and a sell out on Vivekanand Medical & Research Trust (VMRT).

The congress president said, “even panchayat pradhans are not being spared because of their political affiliations and handing over VMRT to Japyee Group is a sell out to buy peace within the party and arrive at a political settlement with arch rival Shanta Kumar.

Congress was a responsible opposition and was doing its duty in exposing the failures of the BJP government, he concluded.

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