Awaz Pahadan Di: Episode 2

[display_podcast]Welcome to our own podcast “Awaz Pahadan di” Episode 2. Thank you very much for your comments to the first episode.

This episode presents second and last part of my Interview on Himachali music aired on 103.5, WCOM. In this interview you will hear my composed music and song like “Hatu Ri Teere” and “Chandaniyan Ratan Ra Nazara”. In the next episode you will hear more music and pahadi songs so do not forget to subscribe to the podcast or come back for the next episode.

We appreciate your feedback. So send in your comments.

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  1. says: Avnish Katoch

    Amazing and best part, My Himachal name on US radio for the first time. And Dr. Kashyap thanks to you and thanks for bringing our names on podcast :), that’s first for me!

  2. says: sudarshan kumar

    Again thanks to Dr Des for preparing such a wonderful program. I keep checking the website everyday for new podcasts… but then everytime, i realize that you have promised a new episode every month.
    Looking foward to the next poscast..
    Till then I will enjoy the other hindi songs sung by you.. 🙂
    Keep it up.. Des


  3. says: Bhavna Sharma

    Wow! Great work done. Its sad I did’nt get a chance to listen to your fabulous songs except for the Birthday song,while you were here. I just loved this podcast. Keep up the good work and ofcourse it makes us Himachalis very proud .

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