Administrative reforms commission for more power to local bodies

[lang_en]Shimla: Delegation of more and more powers to local self government bodies for achieving better governance and administration needs to be speeded up to truly empower the people is what members of the second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) had to say here on Wednesday.

Talking to the media, member commission V.Ramachandran said with the central government making larger and larger allocations for education, health and roads including rural roads and insisting the projects be executed by Panchayati Raj Institutions was push for administrative reforms to local bodies.

In many local bodies the need for strengthening administrative and technical abilities was arising, which has also been recommended by the commission, he added.

Talking about administrative needs and reforms for difficult and hilly areas, he said that chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal in a meeting earlier in the day had pointed the disparity and different requirements of special areas such as Lahual Spiti where the population density was as low as 1 person to 2 square kilometers.

The commission has brought out a detailed report on ethics, which addresses the issue of corruption.

Constituted after forty years, the 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission was set up in August 2005 and so far has submitted reports on implementation of the right to information, implementation of national rural employment guarantee act, crisis management, ethics in governance, public order, local government, capacity building for conflict resolution, combating terrorism and social capital.

The commission members said that three more reports pertaining to refurbishing of personnel administration, citizen centric administration and e-governance were in the process of being finalized.[/lang_en]

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