Boston Bhaaratiya

I am watching the Charles in Boston wake up,
as buildings release fog and the sun smiles
over ducks swimming to their morning chores.

The river bedecked with shimmering reflections
craves to pour itself into the oceanic currents
and add more of the twenty-first century to an ageless sea.

The salt of my toil is washed into you Charles!
Take it to the ocean, take it to my ancestors,
and leave it in Dandi, India, as a tribute from me.

(Note for readers: I am back after months of absence during which I finished my PhD. I have joined MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as a post-doctoral researcher in Mechanical Engineering and will be in Boston area from now on. Hopefully I will write more frequently and as always, I’ll try to write more in Hindi.)

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  1. says: Avnish Katoch

    So refreshing to see you back. Refreshing like after the heavy rains on our hills, the aroma our lands spread all across.

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