123 killed in stampede at Naina Devi. Death toll expected to rise further


7.20 IST (UPDATE): Daljit Minhas, the ADG informed MH that the death toll has reached 123. Rescue operations are still on.


(4.00 IST )90 people were killed when a stampede occurred at the Naina Devi temple in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh when a railing of the temple wall collapsed.

Sita Ram Mardi, inspector general law and order supervising the rescue and relief operation said, ‘at a preliminary count 90 people have been counted dead while 47 injured have been rushed to hospitals’. Thousands of people had gathered at Naina Devi on the auspicious occasion of Shravan Sunday. The dead included 30 children. The dead bodies have been moved to Anandpur Sahib hospital for postmortems. The numbers are expected to rise further.


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  1. Clearly the administration around Naina Devi was caught off-guard when this tragedy did occur, on Sunday morning.

    The death toll has since risen to 146, say government officials.

    As more and more crowds throng these religious shrines of Himachal, administrative steps will have to taken to provide more access by widening the approach roads, regulating movement of traffic and people and dedicated manpower would need to be deployed to oversee these activities.

    Example of managing Vaishno Devi Shrine is a great example. It has not only ensured better amenities for visiting pilgrims but has also been able to provide profitable opportunities to the local communities living around the famous shrine.

  2. says: dinesh

    i had so deep believe in naina devi maa
    even visited 7 time in a year too
    after this maa broke my heart
    wont go there again
    maa naina devi ..
    what people get at ur temple?
    will never trust you then
    give peace and best next birth to them who are died there
    as you knw they all were there to see you and worship you
    whats is this ?
    is a death is result of worshipping a mother??

    1. Kaeye bar tan shathata di hd ho gae shardha bharai hirdey ahan bhar darge jaikarai lavnde udeekdai darshna nu bhajar payee bahute dhake kha marge Kion tu shupi bethi shathata ban murat sharnagat naal kardi koee varta na na dikhaee devain na sunaee devain sparsh bhawan da vi kashat tarta na

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