Super Max Management Seeks Judicial Probe Into Shoghi Firing Incident

Shimla: The Super Max management whose security personnel at the Shogh unit were arrested for firing upon industrial workers in which one person died today demanded a judicial inquiry by a retired high court judge into the incident.

S D Chaudhuri, GM Corporate-HR of Super Max alleged that the police and district administration was acting in a partisan manner against the company.

The firing incident at the Shoghi unit occurred in the presence of state police personnel but no case of arson and rioting against the nine persons who were responsible for it. However three hours later a malicious FIR on the words of the key persons responsible for the spoiling the industrial peace was registered and those persons were named who were not even present at the unit when the incident occurred said Chaudhuri.

Chaudhuri said that despite the court orders restraining disgruntled elements from holding demonstrations, dharnas, meetings, shouting slogans and blocking ingress or egress within a distance of 500 metres of the industrial establishments, a mob of about 700 armed with crowbars, iron rods and sticks was allowed in front of the Virgo Appliance’s plant that entered the industrial premises, and on seeking police help just one sub inspector and three constables were sent who stood as mute spectators to the goings on.

“The incident occurred at about 4 p m and there were policemen present. VK Tripathi, one of the management persons arrested was not even at the spot and was at another unit about 2 Kms away, claimed Chaudhuri adding, “RK Malhotra, a 74 year old heart patient was in Mumbai at the time when the incident occurred.”

Since we are not feeling comfortable with the state police and district administration in handling the case, we seek a judicial inquiry into the incident, said Chaudhuri. He claimed that the incident happened on account of premeditated and pre-planned strategy of creating chaos, terror, rioting and destruction to life and property, which was hatched by miscreants of the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, which is hell bent upon driving away industry from Himachal Pradesh and closing down operations of successful industrial ventures for their own vested interest.

Virgo Appliances has a unit in Shoghi that manufactures Super Max razors. The promoters have also bought up land in Gagret in Una district where they plan to set up another unit. Following the firing incident, the company is redrawing its plans about expanding operations here.

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