Himachal to promote organic farming-Dhumal

P. K Dhumal, the Chief Minister said that concerted efforts would be made to adopt the required approaches to provide boost to organic in the state. He was addressing the launching ceremony of the Bio-Fertilizer products of United Bio-Fertilizers, Jaipur.

Pointing that the organic farm produce was gaining popularity, he said that aware consumers were prepared to pay more for such products, which had no ill effects on their health.Prof. Dhumal said that the state government has decided to issue soil health cards to every farmer after testing the soil to suggest them appropriate crop cultivation, which suited the soil and could generate vast income avenues to them as for the current financial year, one lakh soil health cards had been targeted to be made available to the farmers. He said that the need of the hour was to switch from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers. He further emphasized that it would be the appropriate time for the farmers to grab the market with quality produce besides saving the soil from getting infertile due to excessive use of fertilizers and ensure scientifically checks ascertaining that the fertilizers being sold in the market in the name of organics were so in fact.

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