Everonn to provide IT education in 793 schools in Himachal

Everonn Systems India Limited, a leading education and training company signed a MoU with the Education Department, Himachal Pradesh Government to implement IT education in 793 Senior Secondary Schools across all 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh for a period of four years.

The project includes setting up of computer labs plus supply of IT hardware, software, connected accessories for computer systems to provide IT & IT based education and full time trained certified IT Instructors in every government school. The project will be implemented in BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) Model for a period of four years. Sharing details on the MoU, Mr. Chandra Banu, the General Manager of IEIS, Everonn Systems Limited said, “It is a challenging task for Everonn as the schools are situated at difficult terrains. We have commenced our implementation and this will benefit around 60,000 students in the state. These projects would further strengthen Everonn’s geographical spread in ICT programme.”

Everonn has already worked with governments of different states like Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, to offer IT & Computer aided education in schools.

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  1. says: sanjay

    i want to get the information about the head office of the everonn india limited in himachal pradesh. please send the information in my email address.

    thank you

  2. says: sanjay

    i want to know the registration starting new date of the himachal pradesh it student in everonn india limited it education provided in himachal pradesh

    thank you.

  3. says: pankaj sharma

    sir I am working as IT Teacher from last 3 years in Distt. Kangra. Please tell me about interview date ,when we will get appointment letter from your office and how please send all athe detail about it to my id

    1. says: vipin

      Why pankaj still u havn’t stisfied working with these fraud company’s. Dont wast ur time & carrier. do something else.

  4. says: pankaj sharma

    sir I am a It Teacher from last 3 years please tell me about interview date / appointment letter
    to old It teachers and how they will collect all the information about this project

  5. says: sanjay

    sir My name is sanjay kumar please tell me about interview date ers and how we will collect all the information about this project

    Sanjay kumar
    Distt Kangra

  6. says: desh

    sir i am working as IT teacher in gsss school .i want to tell that everonn doing fraud that deducting EPF 100% from the teachers. it is not the justice . we are dragging this matter in HIGH COURT HIMACHAL. OHERWISE TREAT IT URGENT MATTER. THANKS

    1. says: vipin

      Thanks Dear!

      u r the one i have seen who is aware with these fraud company’s. the company is cheating teachers as well as govt by deducting 100 % EPF.

  7. says: sanju

    im in this profession for the last 8 years. but im very tense about my future i have spent my 8 years just for only hope that some day govt will overtake the project. but its all in vain.iam PGDCA MSc(CS).kindly tell me should i wait or .is there any hope in future to get regular or is there someone who is thinking about us.
    thank u. if u reply .i will be in touch with .

    1. says: vipin

      Hi Sanju.

      don’t dream to be regular. just do something else dont believe on these fraud company’s & Govt. they just doing for thereself. i m also B.Tech and worked for 8 yr’s in schools(from stating IT in schools). i kick this job 2 yr’s before and now i working in a MNC and getting 26000 Salary PM. Govt & Company’s together playing with students and teacher. still the time is in ur hands.


  8. says: vir

    i m it teacher,teacher who is showing path to the students.But it is our fait that we are(all IT teacher) not sufficient from the Himachal Govt. Govt should make proper policy for this education .I want to say to the EVERONN that contribution of EPF should be in your side,not only from the employee.Employee what gets in the last of month you know better…………..


  9. says: vipin

    Hi All the IT teachers working in Himachal
    Dont spoil ur carriers by working with these fraud company’s. Govt. as well as these company r playing with teachers & students carrier. i also worked 7 yr’s but nothing got just spoiled my carrier. eventhough i m B.Tech in C.Sc. See the company Everonn deducting 100% EPF from teachers salary and even not paying the salary on time. Govt. is also not taking any action for that. they just think fool Govt & teachers working. they r just playing with students and no motive of providing healthy education just fulfilling there pockets.

    1. says: piyush

      hi all.
      working in these type of projects for companys like EVERON, NIIT, EDUCOM is a waste of career. they fight like dogs to get projects and then pay shit for working….

  10. says: kuldeep kuamr

    i am kuldeep thakur working as IT teacher in govt. Sr. Sec. School i am working in this profession 8years so i lost my golden peroids in this profession, so i hope you do not spoil our future. thanking your

  11. says: ranjana

    I am a I.t teacher & think what is the future of all I.t teachers working in govt. school …………

  12. says: deepraj

    all my dear this company and Govt. play a trick with all the It teacher . so plz don’t waste ur time in such project . if u think that you should be udertake by Govt. its ur foolish thinking . so guys do something batter to grow ur future otherwise u spoil ur life in such company i also spoil my life ..

  13. says: sneha

    IT education is a need of country ,but this edu could not implempent through the current
    shit way ,only IT teacher received 3462/- monthly from the private company ,who is responsible for
    implemention of IT edu in h.p state.If do want develop the country like britain,and many other western
    countries then takeover this sub, immedetly through govt procedure and make a kwality edu in h.p.
    and give the proper scale for IT teacher like other teachers in govt schools.It is the way to complete
    mahatma gandhi dream for the country.

  14. says: Surinder

    IT EDUCATION in hp is a bludy sourcè of income for govt and poltcians so they r sponing the future of teachers

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