GAF announces The Dalai Lama True Gandhian Award-2009 for Tibet cause

On the 73rd birthday anniversary of the Dalai Lama free Tibet activist, Dr..Mahesh Yadav, and President of Global Amity Foundation (India) and Mahatma Gandhi Tibet Freedom Movement (India) announced a one lakh Rupee “The Dalai Lama True Gandhian Award-2009″ for Tibet cause”, which will be awarded to an individual organization from any regoin of the world that struggled by adopting Non-Violence, Democratic and Peaceful ways of Father of World Peace, Mahatma Gandhi, for the Tibet cause and sustainance of Human Rights of Tibetan. A trophy and certificate of honour will also be given along with the money.

At Lord Budh Temple in Mcleodganj, Dharamsala, he also publicly drew a portrait of Dalai Lama with his own blood to pray for his long life.

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