The adventures at Shimla’s ISBT-a reality check!

The first impression that comes into mind while entering Shimla-the majestic hills, the dotted houses, the old world charm-doesn’t stay the same as soon as one enters the bus stand, the supposed and only ISBT of Shimla. Garbage heaps, potholes, craters, stinking toilets and the nagging coolies is what one faces at the inter-state bus terminus managed by the HRTC. The dilapidated condition of this terminus puts to test the passengers endurance who board and un-board the HRTC and other private buses daily, however the officers seem to have well-adapted to these. One step without tracing your path and you might be in shit or standing in between a garbage heap.

From the entrance to the exit point, the entire bus stand is a chaos. The daily boarders leave tourists would also be apprehensive to walk around the place for the fear of breaking their limbs. There is no good time to be on the bus stand, the mornings would be greeted by howling coolies and taxi drivers, the evenings score for a chaos with stink and garbage, the summers combine the two and many other factors like dust and smoke while the rainy seasons won’t let you go without spoiled shoes and don’t be surprised if some passing bus splashes dirty water on you.

The toilets are nothing but useless unless you have special sensory organs that shut down on your call. Such conditions force the passengers to answer the call of nature here and there, resulting in more sickening condition. The stalls owners aren’t concerned about the hygiene as well. Comparing it with other ISBT’s like at Chandigarh or Delhi, one would easily accept that the conditions are indeed better there. Stinking toilets might be a problem everywhere but they indeed score more when it comes to infrastructure, hygiene and other such scales. How much you complain or crib about it, the conclusion is-we don’t have a choice!

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  1. says: NITYIN

    Shimla ISBT is an architectural disaster..!! Firstly there is no proper enterance & exit for the passangers. It is an headache if you have to see-off any one, particularly during rush hours. There is no provision of parking and what ever space is available is occupied by the official cars and the taxis. One feels scared entering the ISBT as there is always a danger of being run down by the buses using the same narrow enterance and exit.

    There is no proper place to sit and wait for buses. Mind you most of the time it is raining in Shimla and passangers have to wait in open in cold. There is no proper eating joint. You can’t dare to have a cup of tea at the dingy stalls considering there hygine standards. At night it is free for all as the taxis are parked inside the bus station and a different breed of taxi drivers man these taxis. I do not feel comfortable hiring one of those junky looking chap to drop me home knowing fully he is fleecing me with the fare.

    This bus station is meant for everyone except the passangers. Even the HRTC work shop at Dhalli looks cleaner than this place.

    Bloody shame on the people responsible for running this place..!!!

  2. says: CONORT

    Please I just want to know if there is a bus available to get Delhi from Shimla in the morning. ( Gouvernement bus or privet bus) , the departure time and the price. That will be for the end of July. Thks and best rgds, Martine.

  3. says: NITYIN

    @ CONORT

    Please check this link for VOLVO Buses. The VOLVO reservations can be done on the internet, click here.

    There is a Semi Deluxe bus available at 9.12 am of Himachal Roadways and the fare is 280/-This is a non air con bus with 2×2 push back seats and reaches Delhi by 7 pm. This can also be booked in advance once you reach Shimla. Himachal Roadways has a reservation counter on the Mall Road, at Scandel point in the same building which houses the Tourism office. You can’t miss this place.

    Happy travels in my state…..

  4. says: VIVEK

    HI ,
    I want to know ,is there any deluxe/semideluxe bus is available from ISBT to DHARMASALA/KANGRA AT 9:00 PM IN NIGHT AND 8:AM IN MORNING.


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