Giri scheme comes a cropper

KUMARHATTI: The much hyped Giri water lifting scheme has come a cropper as since its implementation the water woes have enhanced manifold rather than being subdued. The underground water pipes laid to carry the water in the area have in fact plagued with the leakages at many points thus affecting the supply adversely.

Interestingly the water supply to this town remained affected for days altogether after a tomato grower in upstream area unplugged the water joint to facilitate the water supply to his fields. The matter has come to light around midnight when someone noticed it.

The water supply was not up to the mark after the starting of scheme. All hopes of people to get healthy water supply were dashed as water supply was even poor than before the launch of scheme, pointed out the residents. Moreover the IPH has stopped using water from the sources that were earlier being used to meet water demand.

From the past one month the water supply was only available after the gap of three days, rued the residents. We have to do great hardships even to arrange for drinking water, they lamented. The rest of functions related to water have taken back stage, they pointed out.

The residents also blamed the IPH staff to be biased on supply the water in different localities. The temper ran high few days back when a verbal duel was ensued between locals and staff over water distribution.
Meanwhile Mr. Dharminder Gill the Executive Engineer of IPH, Solan said that the scheme was at the testing stage. There were all possibilities of leakage due to increase of water pressure, he said. The water supply was affected as water flow had to stop to plug the leakages in pipe, he asserted.

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