BJP Holds UPA Government Responsible For Rising Prices

Shimla: The four month old incumbent ruling party today washed its hands of the issue of rising prices and laid the blame at the doors of the UPA government whose policies it said were responsible for it.

BJP today claimed success over a state wide bandh call given by the party with state BJP president Jai Ram Thakur saying “price rise was hurting the people deeply and it was ironic that the UPA government led by an eminent economist Prime Minister and an equally eminent finance minister had failed to reign in rising prices.

He said that this single issue was responsible for defeat of congress in one state after another which included Punjab, Uttraanchal, Gujarat and also Himachal.

Making a comparison with the previous AB Vajapyee led NDA government, Thakur said that while the growth was lower during those years but inflation was one thing over which the government maintained strict vigil. Today the growth is at over 9% but inflation is soaring at over 7.5% levels, he said.

The issue of price rise would be prominent in the Hamirpur by-election and we will win it with a higher lead than the earlier by-election, claimed the state BJP president.

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  1. says: Akash Kaushal

    The Hamirpur bi-election is a classic case of Indian politics/democracy in action…the Hamirpur seat was created in 1966 after reorganization of Una-Kangra as part of the state of Himachal Pradesh…a brief look at its electoral and represenstative history highlights the overbearing presence of a select group of politicians that have trated it as their virtual “home ground”..these include members of both the congress and the BJP…in fact the BJP has added shame to injuriy by almost making it a heredietary monarchy…the current CM of HP…P.K. Dhumal was the MP from this seat, after the now disgraced Suresh Chandel who was indicted in the cash for questions scam in the Lok Sabha…after becoming the CM in the elections this year MR Dhumal was kind enough to vacate this seat in favour of his son Anurag Thakur, the current BJP candidate for the bi-election….with such a “whiter than white” track record, its no coincidence that the BJP is highlighting such core issues for this bi-election than the famed HYPERINFLATION that is probably a special case in Hamirpur? the real issue in this election is the fact that the BJP has never acted responsibly or with any shred of accountability to the voters/taxpayers of Hamirpur…violating every morsel of trust placed in them by the JANTA…their candidates have been corrupt(cash for questions),hegemonic(selecting candidates based on whim and fancy) and are now being deceptive trying to distract the public away from the REAL ISSUES…they have only brought infamy to Hamirpur by making it one of the most frequently contested seat in parliament in recent years…

    In this environment, its open to the voters of Hamirpur to decide their fate….

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