Dhumal government committed for exploitation of hydro potential

HAMIRPUR: Senior BJP, leader and HP chief minister, Prem Kumar Dhumal said here last night that the main aim of the state government was to fully exploit its vast hidden hydel potential and to make the state rich in every respect. He said that there was vast scope for the exploitation of hydel power and steps were already on in this respect.

Talking with reporters, he said that the allotment of power projects in state was going on full merit and was also a transparent work. Talking about the ongoing controversy regarding two power projects in Kinnaur district of state, he said that the bidder Brakel Kinnaur private limited was a reputed and genuine organization. It was granted two projects namely Jangi Thopan and Thopan Powari by the previous state government and the matter was now sub judice due to filing of a case against its allotment by another company namely Reliance energy private limited who had offered hundred crore lesser amount than another company.

Dhumal said that the decision of the HP High court in this case would be vital and binding on all. The PIA for the project would be signed only after knowing the verdict of the court.

He described this allegation as baseless that the BJP government was going softer on this issue and helping a foreign company. Dhumal said that the Brakel Kinnaur company had already deposited a sum of 173 crore rupees as first installment along with interest to the tune of twenty-one crore rupees.

He said that the government had nothing to do with the fight between two big companies regarding execution of the projects. The main aim of the government was to exploit the hydro power and to make Himachal Pradesh a power state.

Dhumal said that the state government admitted that many irregularities had been found in the execution of Shimla water supply scheme and Bamsan Mewa group of village’s water supply schemes. The government was committed to see why the Global tenders for the schemes were not floated despite the announcements made regarding these by the former chief minister, Vir Bhadra Singh. Such issues were serious and would be enquired into in details.

Dhumal justified the hike in the bus fares adding that it was done once the prices of diesel were increased by the central government.

Talking about the ongoing bye election to Hamirpur Lok sabha seat, he said that the BJP would win it with hands down as Hamirpur was the stronghold of the party.

Dhumal said that the issues of development during the BJP rule and the rampant corruption during the Congress regime would be the main issues along with the sharp price rise of various essential commodities. He said that price rise was due to the wrong policies of Congress led UPA government and it was wrong to say that the BJP led state government was responsible for it.

He said that the state government was for the poor and middle class people and would continue to help them and money would not be any hindrance for providing cheap ration to the people of the state.

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