ABVP-SFI Students Clash In Himachal Pradesh University Campus

Shimla: Students of two political outfits clashed in the Himachal Pradesh University campus in which about six, including a policeman were injured.

Troubled started at about noon at the counsel booths opened by Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (AVBP) and Students Federation of India (SFI) in the campus. These booths are set up for guiding new students about admission procedures in the university.

A provocation outs the arts block from one side took the shape of a clash in which stones were hurled at one another, injuring some students. With most of the police being deployed on Presidential visit duty, it took time to mobilize police personnel to control the situation, university sources disclosed. With apprehension of the feud shifting to the boys hostels, tension was prevailing in the campus till late evening.

Vice-chancellor Sunil Gupta said that the situation was brought under control by the police after the matter was reported to them.

RM Sharma, SP Shimla said that additional security had been deployed to maintain peace on the campus.

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  1. says: Praveen Khimta

    This is ridicules………. They have done it again………. SFI is the only organization which does this type of propaganda again and again and creates this sort of nuisance time and again…. Actually they should be kicked off, not only from university but from the country. Since they have been trying to pump there ass, they are continuously doing it.

    This is for them………..
    “Sun lo comrado ek baat, jo Hitler ki chal chalega vo kutte ki maut marega”…………….. BUM

  2. says: VIVEK MOHAN.

    Not surprising…
    I had the fortune of getting an enthusiastic nod from then VC Dr. Anil Wilson for a film festival (my trilogy includingd winning Malana!) And misfortune of dealing with thdent’s body headed by SFI and the result was a big failure – only my personal rapport saved the humiliation for me by few ther deptt’s notably Journalism…Mumbai.


    Police thrash HPU hostel students, 14 injured

    Magisterial inquiry ordered, SHO suspended

    Simmering discontent on the Himachal Pradesh University campus after two groups of students clashed on Wednesday took a turn for the worse later in the night when past the mid-night hour a police patrol party reportedly went berserk and attacked students in their hostel rooms, leaving two with fractured limbs and a dozen others injured.

    Vice-chancellor Sunil Gupta sought action against a station house officer of a police station who was leading the patrol party. Gupta told My Himachal, “an impartial inquiry be made into the unprovoked action by the police and the erring personnel be arrested.”

    Hostel warden Des Raj, witness to the incident said, “The police action in the dead of the night was totally unprovoked.” He said that with the intervention of the university authorities, the police and the deputy commissioner, the situation in the campus had been brought under control. The Akhil Vidyarthi Bhartiya Parishad (AVBP) and Students Federation of India (SFI0 group of students had been cordoned of in separate hostel blocks and the police was deployed in between as a buffer to prevent any clash in the night.

    However, at about 1.40 in the night a patrol party of policemen, shouting and hurling abuses targeted a block in which the AVBP students were housed. On entering the hostel the entranced door was locked up from inside and students were beaten after breaking doors and windows. The attack was so brutal that some students had to jump out of floors to escape being beaten, said Des Raj

    Later the injured students were rushed to IGMC hospital. SS Minhas, medical superintendent IGMC said 14 university students with injuries were being treated at the hospital. “One had a broken leg, another a broken arm and one had head injuries,” said Minhas.

    Disputing the university authority version, police personnel on night patrol on conditions of anonymity said that the police party was provoked by the students when stones were hurled at them.

    Deputy Commissioner JS Rana said that a magisterial inquiry has been ordered into the incident. He said, “prima facie the police action was found to be brutal and the Boileauganj station house officer has been suspended. He disclosed that personnel from the 3rd Armed Reserve Battalion who were on presidential duty on the university campus were involved in the incident. Amar Singh has been immediately removed as SHO Boileauganj and sent back to the police lines, said Rana. Sub-divisonal magistrate urban has been asked to submit the inquiry by Friday, he added.

    Tension continued to prevail on the campus with IG law and order SR Mardi paying a visit to the university.

    AVBP students held a protest on the campus but, the combined pre-medical entrance test that was scheduled to be held today was conducted without any untoward incident.

    Rakesh Jamwal of Bhartiya Yuva Morcha has demanded action against the SFI students and CITU workers in the hostels for playing a part in flaring up the situation.

  4. says: Neha Chandok

    Violence has become a regular feature of HPU. Not only the image but even the studies and students plus quality is being affected by such shameful incidents

  5. says: viplove

    the thing is that, everyone in the country knows, who is communal, and agitative, who is behind the killings of people of gujrat and other parts of the country, who is behind the killing of prof. sabbharwal in jaipur. yeah all of you are right, the ABVP or Akhil Bharitya Vidyarthi Parishad.

    SFI is always opposed to the role of money and power in student’s politics, so that is the reason abvp used this tactics of violence.

    In last year also, in new-delhi’s Jawahar Lal Nehru University’s election time, these musclemans of ABVP throw stones at a joint pannel discussion of students leaders there in JNU Campus,

    So now any one can easily understands what is going on inside the HPU. AND WHO IS ACTUALLY BEHIND IT…

  6. says: SHAJU

    If SFI Is Terrorist , what does ABVP Means, throw away fascist organisation like ABVP Out of Campus dividing students in the name of religion. SFI is must in each and every campus.

  7. says: Narad

    Can any enlightened soul please tell me why do we need these student parties in campus. Please tell one good reason that heaven’s will fall if none are present.

  8. says: Ravi Chandel

    I dont think that only one party can do all these type of rough activities.Yes, no doubt that sfi policies are very bad although there way oy of moulding the students mind is quite brilliant,I just want to say that please your mind in the progress of himachal.

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