Project: Save the Weaver

Utter the name Kullu and most people would say Shawls.

Shawl making is an age old tradition, a heritage, a rich legacy that has been passed over from generation to generation in this wonderful valley. The hand made Kullu shawls are known to be vibrant in colours, rich in designs and is guaranteed to keep you warm.

As we set foot on Kullu soil for the first time, we saw this wonderful art choking and dying a slow and painful death. Consumer awareness levels are painfully low. The threat of power looms, looms large on this industry. More and more weavers are leaving this profession in search for greener pastures.

It is our duty to try to educate people about the gravity of the situation. We, a bunch of management graduates from SP Jain, Mumbai are attempting to study the industry , identify bottlenecks and suggest ways to remove them.

This is a small survey we are doing as part of the project. This survey intends to gauge consumer awareness levels on Kullu Shawls. It will not take more than 5 minutes of your time to complete the survey. Please do fill in the survey and also forward the link to your friends. The results will go a long way in corroborating our hypothesis.


Lets all try to “Save the Weaver”

Photo by: Mokshananda

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