HRTC Needs Rs. 74 Crore To Replace Aging Fleet

Question hour
Shimla: The state transport corporation (HRTC) has a fleet of 1847 buses of which 620 had complete their mileage life. To replace the 620 buses, HRTC would need about Rs 74 crore.

In the absence of transport minister Kishan Kapoor, during question hour minister for irrigation and public health Ravinder Singh Ravi replied to a question by Mohinder Singh (BJP) about the condition of the state transport fleet.

He said that the HRTC had made a budgetary provision of Rs 31 crore for 2008-09 to buy 250 new buses during the year, even as over thirty-three percent of the state transport coaches had completed shelf life.

Ravi said that in at the turn of the year 86 coached were junked and sold.. Between 2005 and February 2008, 415 buses had been sold by the corporation and 655 new buses had been bought, he said.

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