Half baked information by Himachal PR creating chaos about SEZ

I belong to Gagret and have visited my home town 3 days back. There has been lot of discussion going on this topic. At this forum I thought of sharing my opinions and let the people of Himachal know what is really going on in minds residents of Gagret.

First of all, the assumption that 90% people of Gagret are against this SEZ proposal is utterly baseless and false. Most of the people are in favor of this development and support government for the same.

Secondly, it is the PRO failure from government and media end. The confusion is due to lack of information about this SEZ and airport project. People don’t know how much land will be acquired, where it be acquired, what all will be constructed apart from proposed airport. The half baked information is adding to chaos and PRO had failed miserably here. The chut-bhaiya’s are making best use of this opportunity for their political benefits. The people who oppose this are trying to appease their political bosses so that they can get some benefit for them in coming years.

I don’t see press working independently here. Last week there were few people who met the CM at Shimla and the news was “95% of people are against SEZ” which is not true. To some extent this is due to lack to transparency of system as well.

The land the government is planning to acquire land that spans from Gagret (Starting from Shiv Bari) to village Ghanari. It will be 8828 kanals needed for Airport only. Some of this land also belongs to government which is in possession of people who are making cry about this project. They are scared of this so they trying to save their skin by opposing this SEZ. 400 kanals of this land has been acquired by a lawyer who is very vocal is opposing this.

We all know what are the pros and cons of a SEZ and what can go wrong while acquiring land. People should be compensated well; they should be given lands in other areas. We can not have landless people as Una belt is good in agriculture. Government can involve local people and youth in development activities. Most important people should be passed information about the proposed project. If people are taking about pollution, government can talk about non-polluting industries like IT and ITES. Let not go back, we have good things in out way. Progress and opportunity in our way, lets catch the fast moving development train and move ahead.

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  1. says: Vijay


    The “Nirmal Panchayat Boards’’ are distributed by the Distt administration on sale.

    GRAM PANCHAYAT–DHAR, CHAUNTRA BLOCK, JOGINDER NAGAR, and MANDI recently was conferred with the NIRMAL PANCHAYAT, WHEREAS on ground the Panchayat is still to construct—toilets.

    The Panchayat Pradhan Jaidev —who made his all the efforts to convince the ‘’committee to check the toilets in the GP Panchayat area, by showing only the SAMPLE TOILET IN ONE OF THE VILLAGE / Gram Panchayat area ) has bagged the Panchayat—NIRMAL AWARD./ie. Complete Swacch Panchayat

    WHERE AS THERE IS NONE OF THE TOILET IN ’’ GRAM PANCHAYAT BHAWAN’’ ie. In the premises of Panchayat building itself, forget about the villages under the Panchayat



  2. says: vijay

    you must have read a news in THE TRIBUNE on 27-4-2008 that poor farmers in mohali becoming crorepati overnight tell me for GOD sake whom this whole earth belong ,to people who have money to spent for making people rich or poor -or BEST place to live in or to purchase everything on the name of development HOW MUCH MONEY YOU NEED TO HAVE COMFORTABLE LIFE AND AT WHAT COST PLEASE DO THINK .Do you lock your house tell me why ?Why you need security ,why SPG safeguard our RICH POWERbroker always coming to serve FOR 5 year but do little except looting in the name of various schemes so is your SEZ. Is there any sez for poor like biG SEZ EXCEPT IN PAER.DO NOT MIND THANKS.

  3. says: S.K.SHARMA

    I belong to a village near Garet. I have seen city of Nagpur before a Cargo hub and after that. It will be good luck of people if this really comes up in Gagret. I think if any one is opposing to it, is definitely not a well wisher of local people but selfish people. I think the local people must demand such proposals for their area.

  4. I appriciate these progressive steps taken by HP Govt like planning for new Airport in the area suitable for wide infrastrcure and other SEZ proposals for the development of the state. Only with Steps the state and the area can be highlighted.It can be the earning ventur for the HP Govt by attracting Torists and People by providing the facilites with international standards.The SKIL can fulfill the dreams of Govt in a faster and an appropriate way.

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