11,000-litre kerosene oil seized

KUMARHATTI: The police have seized 11,000-liter kerosene oil from a tanker (HR-37-2035) at Parwanoo today. The oil was allegedly being transported to Panchkula for black market sale.

According to police the oil in fact was meant for supply in Kinnaur. Few days back the oil was carried to Kinnaur through another tanker (HP-07-3701). At Shimla the oil was allegedly shifted to another tanker to transport it back to Panchkula.

Interestingly the matter came to light by chance, when Mr. Ramesh Patania the DSP, Parwanoo surprised over to see filled tanker going outside of state. He enquired about the matter but only to find the illegal smuggling of oil.

Nardev Singh the driver of tanker and Sandeep the other occupant of tanker were arrested by police. A case has been registered.

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  1. says: S Kumar

    There are many such cases where the subsidized kerosene oil is either being smuggled out of the state or being illegally used for running the lorries and private transport buses in the state to offset the fuel costs. The usage of this kerosene in these buses and lorries which are supposed to use high speed create enormously high levels of pollution in terms of unburnt hydrocarbons, CO, NOx and other hazardous emissions. The owners and drivers are unaware of these facts and for them, it is a cost saving and profit maximization technique.
    The authorities must take a stringent action against them by either canceling their permits or imposing heavy fines which must account for the environmental loss due to pollution as well the hardships faced by the poor people due to unavailability of the kerosene.
    It is the high time that the distribution of the subsidized kerosene is regulated properly to ensure that the benefit reaches the poor and the needy.

  2. says: bhupinder

    india is being poor becuase the money transaction are done in paper, if govt allow more than 1000 rupees in bank cheque,specifically thorough electronic transfer money it is easy to find culprit and size of money involved,secondly we need abolish whole subsidy and allow direct money of subsidy to poor account,,if they buy for themself by their own card,, modern technology have given lot of facilities to gvot but indian politicain are themself involved ,,

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