Himachal to ensure Speedy and uniform development of the scheduled caste dominated areas

tarna1.JPGSpeedy and uniform development of the scheduled caste dominated areas would be ensured and Scheduled Caste Special Component Sub Plan would form a separate demand in the annual budgetary provisions of the State Government from coming financial year onwards. This was revealed by Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister while addressing a public meeting at Mandi after dedicating Rs. 20 lakh Sakodi Khad bridge to the people of the town today.

Chief Minister said that his Government was committed to socio-economic upliftment of the down trodden and specific communities and had made individual budgetary provisions for their development. He said that the Tribal Sub Plan, Backward Area Sub Plan were some of such provisions made by his Government for concerted development of such areas. He said that the Scheduled Caste Special Component Sub Plan was the next addition being made by the State Government in its budgetary provisions aimed at development of the scheduled caste dominated villages of the State. He said that all such provisions were over and above the regular budgetary provisions and would ensure speedy development of all such areas. He said that initially the villages with over 50 percent scheduled caste population would be taken up followed by other villages so that the entire community was benefited with the initiatives of the State Government.

Virbhadra Singh said that the Social Justice and Empowerment Department had been assigned the responsibility to keep account of the developmental requirements of the identified villages so that requisite plans could be formulated for the concerted development. He said that the State population consisted of about 25 percent scheduled caste population which was being granted fair representation in development and other activities. He said that uniform and balanced development was taking place all over the State and concerted efforts were being made to give added attention towards the areas and sections which had remained under developed due to one reason or the other.

Chief Minister said that the Constitution of India provided equal opportunities to every section of the society to progress and prosper so that such vulnerable sections of the society were able to progress ahead and achieve top positions on all fronts. He said that the country was the biggest democracy in the world and strongest as well where every provision of the Constitution was being implemented in right perspective and benefitting every section of the society uniformally. He said that there were a number of examples where the people of the lowest social status rose to the highest positions and lead the nation with their ability and leadership qualities. He said that there was no dearth of talented and intellectuals in every section of the society and the opportunities available to them were ensuring overall development of the society. He reiterated the resolve of his Government to cater to the developmental and welfare requirements of the down trodden and scheduled castes to bring them at par with the other developed sections of the society.

Chief Minister also listened to the public grievances at the Circuit house and issued necessary directions to the authorities to redress the grievances of people of the area on priority.

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