Open auction of empty chemical drums banned in Baddi

KUMARHATTI: To check pollution in Sarsa river water the Pollution and Control Board has banned the open auction of empty chemical drums in Baddi belt. The decision has taken to check the high mortality rate of fish in Sarsa river. Earlier due to the open sale of drums carrying fatal chemical liquids the scrap dealers were used to wash the drums in Sarsa river.
The practice, which was going on unabated since long time, has in fact proved fatal for water creatures quite often. On numerous occasions, hundred of dead fish were found floating over river water surface in quite past time. Now understanding the need to check the problem the Pollution Board has authorized Shivalik Solid Waste Management, Majra (Nalagarh) and Watavaran Shudikaran Sansthan, Parwanoo to take all these empty chemical drums under their procession.
Under this new arrangement, these two institutions would ensure scientific cleaning of the drums before to circulate them for other use.
Confirming the development, Mr. Brij Bhushan, Executive Engineer, Pollution Control Board, Baddi has said that a notification to this effect has been issued.

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