Loan waiver due to left pressure, says Yechuri

KUMARHATTI: The UPA’s government budget for coming fiscal was in fact a stamp of acceptability to left policies that aimed for people welfare. The pro-farmer budget was in fact an outcome of Left influence on central government that brought a loan waiver of Rs. 60,000 cr to farmers’ community.

This was stated by Mr. Sitaram Yechuri a CPM senior Politburo members who talked briefly with The MyHimachal here this late evening while returning back to New Delhi after attending an going party state conference at Rampur Bushahr in Shimla district. Mr. Hannan Mulla, MP from West Bengal also accompanied Mr. Yechuri.

Mr. Yechuri said that yet UPA government has failed to implement many programs chalked down under common minimum program. Being a capitalist party and pressure from big industrialists the Congress the major ally in UPA has ignored so many things related to people welfare, he pointed out.

This has caused wide spread resentment in common people who were going away from UPA. The popularity of UPA government has eroded in past year. Understanding the importance of this fact Mr. Yechuri said that the left at this junction of time was seriously thinking of formation of a strong third front. Any political parties interested in doing work for general public would be welcomed in the third front. Moreover the formation of third front was a need of hour to counter pro capitalist parties, he maintained.

He said, in HP state conference also the more stress has given to combine the secular forces in state. Moreover a strong third front in HP was a must as a party like BJP was in power now.

It was a combined effort of all left parties that has refrained Mr. Manmohan Singh led UPA government to become agent of USA. The USA wanted to make India as its strategic ally mainly to rule the South Asia region. Moreover China’s power was a threat to USA. To keep check on China and to take indirect control of oil rich Asian countries it was a well planned plot of USA to use India as its tool, asserted Mr. Yechuri.

Mr. Mulla said that the West Bengal farmers had purchasing power of Rs. 200 cr when CPM came to power there. At that time due to prevailing license policy any industrial house wanted to set up its unit in WB, had to get license from central government first. Ironically the central government rather to give license for state would suggest industrialists to set up their operations in other cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. However after the liberalization policies under CPM regime the purchasing power of West Bengal farmers has now gone to Rs. 20,000 cr, pointed out Mr. Mulla. Now the industrialists wanted to exploit this increasing purchasing power hence big industries preferred to set up their operations in state, he remarked.

Moreover the CPM government in West Bengal welcomes any good or bad industry mainly to increase employment avenues in state, he said. We could not bring socialism in state by simply ruling the state as for West Bengal also the constitution of New Delhi was applicable where a capitalist party ruled the affairs.

The Nandigram was an outcome of joint ganged up planning of capitalist parties led by Ms. Mamta Banerjee which could not see increasing power of CPM by giving ample chances of employment to state youth, Mr. Mulla maintained.

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