An overview at Himachal Social Security Pension Scheme

Shimla: The new BJP Government’s foremost able decision was to increase the new social security pension rate to Rs. 300 per month from 1st January, 2008. This increase has come as a much needed support to the 2,37,250 social security pension holders comprising the old, deserted/widow, disabled and lepers of Dev Bhumi – Himachal Pradesh.

You’ll be surprised to know that the district Mandi comprises highest number of SSPS benefitters. Though the money of the scheme may become an able financial support to these benefitters but a true happiness can’t be brought with money. However, our government may bring up many such schemes to financially help these victims but it becomes our duty to reduce the number of these victims of society by making a move at our homes.

· 3.90 percent population is covered under the social security pension scheme.

· About 139972 persons get old age pension.

· 68,455 deserted women and widows are being given social security pension.

· Rehabilitation allowance is being given to 26,922 disabled persons and 1901 lepers.

· Out of the 1901 lepers getting rehabilitation allowance 418 belong to Chamba district, 396 to Shimla district and 350 are from Sirmour district.

Social Security Pension Holders Deserted/Widow Pensioners Rehabilitation Allowance
Mandi 52,551 14426 6620
Kangra 45,262 13402 4850
Shimla 31,780 8126 2570

The welfare of the poor and under-privileged persons will get an additional Rs. 1200 annually and Rs. 6000 in five years. The new SSPS will entail an additional annual expenditure of Rs. 30 core. Earlier, an amount of Rs. 5384.45 lakh had been earmarked under social security pension scheme in the State for the current financial year.

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  1. According to 2001 census, there are little over 2,29,600 single women (widows) in all the age groups. Out of this, little over 181,000 are above the age of 50. The figures for deserted women is unavalable as this is not the legally defined category of women. add to the number of divorcees to this (8335), the number of widows and divorcees go upto nearly 238,000.
    The percentage of single women to ever married women is nearly 16%. So out of this, only 68,455 widows getting pension works out to be nearly 29% which is highly unacceptable to any Welfare State.
    The Ekal naree Shakti Sangathan is demanding universal Social security pension for all single women and their demand is justified with the figures you have quoted.
    If anyone wants to have more details, please contact yours truely

  2. says: RKS

    Nice initiative by Mr Subhash Mendhapurkar and his NGO. I am sure he will succeed in his pursuit. We need many more initiatives like this to make a better society.

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