Bullet sprayed bodies of two recovered near Kufri

Himachal police today recovered blood spattered bodies of two young men, who had been sprayed with bullets, near a forest of Kufri, a famous Himachal Pradesh tourist town.

The bodies were discovered Sunday by a passer-by at Mundaghat, about 25 km from here, said Shimla police chief R.M. Sharma.

‘Both men are well built and appear to be from affluent backgrounds,’ Sharma said.

While one of the men has bullet wounds on the face, the other was shot in the back. One victim was found without clothes while the other was in his innerwear. Both men appeared to be in their 20s, and one has a tattoo on the arm.

The two were apparently thrown off a vehicle after being shot dead. A live cartridge and a shell were found at the spot.

Police suspect the two could be tourists from outside the state.

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