Rs 4.15 Lakh Robbed from Shimla ATM

Shimla: A security lapse on the part of a nationalized bank led to burglars breaking an ATM in Sanjauli suburb and getting away with a Rs 4.15 lakhs haul.

Other than launching an investigation into the case, the police have registered a case of negligence against State Bank of Patiala officials, who after having noticed a shortfall in the money dispenser machine on Monday only reported the matter on Tuesday.

The police have found no forced entry into the ATM, which was not being manned by any security personnel, and a surveillance camera installed in the ATM cabin was reportedly not functioning.

The bank officials are said to have loaded Rs 6 lakhs into the automated teller machine on Saturday but on Monday they found all of it gone without the withdrawals from the machine accounting for Rs 4.15 lakhs that were detected as missing.

The bank officials tried to account for the missing cash but after failing to do so lodged a police complaint on Tuesday.

A police official did not rule out an insiders role in the robbery and said that a case has been registered and investigations have been started.

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